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Radically Speaking, a 1996 collection of essays allowing the Third Wave to drift back out to sea

Radically Speaking [click on title for website from which the following review was found]

Feminism Reclaimed

Edited by Diane Bell and Renate Klein

About the Book

Radical feminism is arguably the basis from which the second wave of the women‘s movement was launched. Radical feminists‘ analyses of oppression were premised on an understanding of the interlocking power of racism, classism and (hetero) sexism as manifest under patriarchy. Their projects covered every area of women‘s lives. Yet the richness of the radical feminist project has been misrepresented or abused by the right, the media and the high-postmodernists. Here, the key names of radical feminism are brought together for the first time to tell the story themselves.

This reader presents the work of radical feminists such as Andrea Dworkin, Catherine MacKinnon, Robin Morgan, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, Louise Armstrong, Diana Russell, Kathleen Barry and Janice Raymond, the very first women who spoke out against violence and oppression. They write of the ways in which they have been attacked, yet have continued with their work. The writings of Tatyana Mamonova, Evelyne Accad, Teboho Maitse, Natalie Nenodic, Yenlin Ku and Marjorie Agosín, show the truly global reach of radical feminism. What is happening in the former Yugoslavia, in Russia, Lebanon, South Africa, Taiwan and Chile resonates with the experience of women in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany and New Zealand.

Reduced to an assemblage of texts and multiplicities of identities, ‘woman‘ no longer exists in the work of much contemporary social theory. From the worst of the postmodernist perspectives, the idea of oppression thus disappears, envisaging a feminist future is rendered impossible. Here, writers as diverse as Barbara Christian, Somer Brodribb, Christine Delphy, Kristin Waters, Joan Hoff, Diane Bell, Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger deconstruct these ideological posturings and reveal the deeply conservative and elitist agenda of these writings.

This unique volume will be essential reading for students and academics of women‘s studies, sociology, cultural studies, political science, philosophy, anthropology and religion, and will also appeal to feminist readers from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Epigram - Robin Morgan
Foreword - Diane Bell and Renate Klein
Section One: Radically Speaking
1. Women of All Nations - In‚s Talamantez
2. Light Bulbs, Radishes and the Politics of the Twenty-first Century - Robin Morgan
3. Radical Feminism: Politics and Praxis - Robyn Rowland and Renate Klein
4. Experience, Reflection, Judgement and Action: Teaching Theory and Talking Community - Joy James
5. From Practice to Theory, or What is a White Woman Anyway? - Catharine MacKinnon
6. Maori Lesbian Feminist Radical - Ngahuia Te Awekotuku
7. Enabling a Visible Black Lesbian Presence in Academia: A Radically Reasonable Request - Angela Bowen
8. Working Class Radical Feminism: Lives Beyond the Text - Christine Zmroczek and Pat Mahoney
9. Radical Feminism, Sexuality and Motherhood - Robyn Rowland
10. The Great Incest Hijack - Louise Armstrong
11. Therapy and How it Undermines the Practice of Radical Feminism - Celia Kitzinger
12. The Personal is Political - Jocelynne Scutt
13. Looking for God in All the Wrong Places: Feminists Seeking the Radical Questions in Religion - Morny Joy
14. The Narrow Bridge of Art and Politics - Suzanne Bellamy

Section Two: Radical Feminists Under Attack
15. The Posse Rides Again - Marcia Ann Gillespie
16. 'Misguided, Dangerous and Wrong': On the Maligning of Radical Feminism - Diane Richardson
17. On Who is Calling Radical Feminists 'Cultural Feminists' and Other Historical Sleights of Hand - Tanie Lienert
18. A (Political) Postcard from a Peripheral Pre-modern State (of Mind) or How Alliteration and Parenthesis can Knock You Down Dead in Women's Studies - Ailbhe Smyth
19. Repackaging Women and Feminism: Taking the Heat off Patriarchy - Victoria Robinson and Diane Richardson
20. Deconstructing Deconstructionism - Kathleen Barry
21. 'Generation X', the 'Third Wave', or Just Plain Radical: Reviewing the Reviewers of Catharine MacKinnon's Only Words - Deirdre Carraher, Sharon Cox, Elizabeth Daake, Michele Gagne, Patricia Good, Jessie McMamnon and Marjoria O'Connor
22. Dworkin on Dworkin - Andrea Dworkin
23. Canadian Customs and Legal Approaches to Pornography: A Statement - Catharine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin
24. Stranger than Fiction: The Backlash on Campus, Victoria University, BC - Ellen Travis
25. Connecting Reproductive and Sexual Liberalism - Janice G Raymond
26. Speaking of Things that Shouldn't Be Written: Cross Cultural Excursions into the Land of Misrepresentations - Diane Bell
27. Educational Research: There's More than One Way to Discredit Radical Feminism - Uta Enders-Drag„sser and Brigitte Sellach
28. The Banned Professor or, How Radical Feminism Saved Me from Men Trapped in Men's Bodies and Female Impersonators, with a Little Help from my Friends - Pauline Bart
29. The Last Post for Feminism - Sandra Coney

Section Three: Radical Feminists 'Interrogate' Post-modernism
30. Deconstructing Fashion - Susan Hawthorne
31. Feminists Politicize the Theoretical - Kristin Waters
32. Nothing Mat(t)ers - Somer Brodribb
33. The Race for Theory - Barbara Christian
34. The Disembodied Worldview of Deconstructive Post-modernism - Charlene Spretnak
35. The Self-contradiction of 'Post-modernist' Feminism - Denise Thompson
36. Post-modernism and its 'Contribution' to Ending Violence against Women - Katja Mikhailovich
37. Bodies Floating in Cyberspace: Post-modernism and Reproductive Technologies - Renate Klein
38. Return to Gender: Post-modernism and Lesbianandgay Theory - Sheila Jeffreys
39. The Queer Backlash - Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger
40. 'French Feminism': An Imperialist Invention - Christine Delphy
41. The Pernicious Effect of Post-Structuralism on Women's History - Joan Hoff
42. Withdrawing Her Energy - Somer Brodribb
43. I'll Take the Low Road: A Look at Contemporary Feminist Theory - Carol Anne Douglas
Section Four: Refusing to be Silenced
44. Selling a Feminist Agenda on a Conservative Market: The Awakening Experience in Taiwan -- Yenlin Ku
45. US Pornography Invades South Africa - Diana Russell
46. The Past is the Present: Thoughts from the New South Africa - Teboho E Maitse
47. Freedom and Democracy: Russian Male Style - Tatyana Mamonova
48. Pornography and the Global Sexual Exploitation of Women - Kathleen Barry
49. Femicide: A Framework for Grasping Genocide - Natalie Nenadic
50. Truth Versus Loyalty: Speaking Out on Genital Mutilation - Evelyne Accad
51. Through the Smoke We Remember: Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo - Marjorie Agosin
52. The Market Place of Ideas - Evelina Giobbe

Section Five: Feminism Reclaimed
53. From Theories of Indifference to a Wild Politics - Susan Hawthorne
54. Declaraci¢n de Prop¢sito/Mission Statement - Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center/Centro Contra la Violac¡on
55. Common Language - Different Cultures: True of False? - Powhiri Rika-Hike and 

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