Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Carlos in D.C. on not being Hispanic, and on being Native American

I did not find this YouTube video until now. It was posted during the U.S.'s insulting and problematic "Hispanic" Heritage Month. Carlos points out how this erases and invisibilises Brown, Native American, and African American people's non-european heritage.

Some points in this message from Carlos:

"Hispania" = Spain and Portugal.
"Hispanic" is a U.S. government-created racial identity that is entirely eurocentric.

This is one of many ways that the U.S. government creates separation of many people who live within the U.S. from religious and cultural traditions, rich heritages that do NOT come from europe.

Hispanics, Anglos, and other Europeans committed the largest genocide in history, against the people who were Indigenous to what is now called the Americas. The U.S. government and U.S. whites continue perpetrating this genocide here. As a white, I welcome the opportunity to share Carlos's message during any time of year, as it is not a message that is specific to one month.

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