Saturday, April 4, 2009

OFF OUR BACKS: Alive & Kicking [Patriarchy's Ass]

[Image from OOB website]

Off Our Backs is a radical feminist journal I've followed for decades. I am happy to post here about them. The content on this page is from their own cover page.
Our newly reorganized, re-energized
gathering of enthusiastic, talented and committed radical feminist women is dedicated to oob's continuation as the beacon and source of feminist journalism and activism it has been since 1970. We plan to survive and thrive! Look for our next issue to hit your libraries, bookstores and mailboxes in mid June 2009!

click here for more information regarding an April 18, 2009 deadline for written work for off our backs.

I wish the staff well, and hope off our backs continues going strong until patriarchy is only an out-of-date term in feminist herstory books. Please consider making a donation to them, to ensure their on-going survival and thrival!

Making Face, Making Soul... a Chicana feminist homepage

[Chicanas protest Prop 227. Photo by Rick Meyer, LA Times, found on the Chicana feminist website linked to below if you click on "this great website"]

Thanks to Yolanda at A Primary Contradiction, I found this great website! I've happily added it to the list of important webpages and sites, on the right side of this blog. Yolanda's blog is also linked to in A.R.P.'s blogroll.

I Am Woman: A Native Perspective on Sociology and Feminism, by Lee Maracle

[Image of Lee Maracle, found here. Photograph by Petr Kopřiva.]

As is generally the case, I often find great authors and books long after they've been published. But considering that academic white men voraciously read and study other academic white men who've been dead for decades and centuries, this work is absolutely contemporary and is also critical reading.

This is simply an introduction to the book, not a review. To read in the book just a bit click here.

[Just above is an image of the book's front cover.]

Voices of Truth on Hawai'i's Future--Free from U.S. Occupation

"The history books are wrong. Hawai`i is not part of the US according to Leon Siu, who reveals why more people every day are awakening to realize one simple fact – Hawai`i's annexation to the US and subsequent statehood vote were both fake. The truth is out there."
[For the source of the above quote, see the YouTube piece below.]

For much more, click here. I will note, critically, that I do not find Hawai'ian women's voices to be centralised on the Free Hawai'i blog/website.