Tuesday, February 1, 2011

As The Chicago Blizzard Hits, I wonder: Why is there so much attention on Weather, and not so much on Rape-as-Terrorism, Planned Poverty, Genocide, and U.S. corporate flagrant maintenance of Ecocide?

image of Chicago in winter is from here
I live where it snows in the winter-time. It snows a lot. It snows regularly. Some of those are big storms. We have had a lot of storms in the U.S., and this is probably partly due to corporate pollution, which is also responsible for floods in many places, mud-slides (only possible in places where all the trees have been removed). The devastation of global earthquakes in the last 13 months has been devastating because of Western white greed, stealing the trees from Haiti, for example, to benefit Europe. This is the history and this is the present: white male-dominated and/or white-majority countries lay claim to the resources of other places, as if the rest of the world, and the Earth itself, exists to meet the needs of whites at the expense of everyone and everything else.

When will the early-day programs such as Good Morning White America (a title that comes from the late, great Flo Kennedy), Today in Whiteland, and The CBS White Morning Show, and the all-day networks like CNN (Corporate News Network), MSNBC (Male Supremacist New Broadcasting Company), and FOX (Fucking Outrageous Xenophobia), start reporting on things more dire than a winter weather snow system?

Things like rape-as-terrorism, which is part of men's war against women? Or things like poverty as a planned systematic assault against those who didn't have parents who left them lots of money? Or corporate destruction of the Earth, or U.S. cultural and military imperialism, named as such? Or the Prison Industrial Complex? I'm waiting, but I'm not holding my breath.