Thursday, November 5, 2009

Men's Rights Assholes Make Threats to Beat Up, Rape, and Kill Julian Real

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I just found this thread on "reddit" here,, on a discussion thread called: Male feminist Julian Real supports the idea of exterminating 90% of the world's male population

I responded and also reported their threats of violence against me to all appropriate places. My response is primarily my comments from here to those who posted at A.R.P. But I've added a message to all the MRAs at the end which also got posted to their site. We can note not only their threats of violence, but also their blatant misogyny and anti-lesbian statements, and statements that are grossly insensitive and/or hostile to mentally disabled folks, heavy women, feminists, and more. I put the threats in bold. To put the woman-hating in bold would have basically meant putting everything in bold. There's not much else going on at that place but reveling in misogyny.

From A Radical Profeminist: To Chris, You wrote: Wait, seriously Julian? You are "all for" wiping out 90% of the men on the planet? Do you expect to be among those killed?
This is where people's histeria really kicks into high gear. Chris, you get that genocide and rape-as-a-systematic-practice of subordinating and terrorising and violating women is happening RIGHT NOW, yes? So WTF difference does it make WHAT I think? What are YOU doing to END the genocides and rapes? Please answer in great detail. And, should the time come for women to take enough power that they CAN kill 90% of men, I'll answer your question at that time, ok? Check back in with me when that power shift has occurred.

Julian Real said...
To the Anonymous who wrote 90 percent. you son of a b*tch. u first.
Do you have any relation to something called REALITY? If so, you might note that MEN hold the power to kill women systematically (and do so), not the other way around. Women are raped systematically, not the other way around. Women are battered (BEATEN UP) systematically by men, not the other way around. Women are systematically sold into sexual slavery or are "just" pimped by men and procured by men, systematically, not the other way around. Misogynistic atrocities of all sorts are managed and maintained in male supremacist societies with men at the helm, with men in charge of all major institutions. There are no female supremacist societies. You know that, right? OK, so now that you're in reality... Why are your knickers all in a bunch because of a little exchange between two people on a blog? Is THAT what REALLY upsets you, of all the things to be upset about and go out of your way to comment about? What are YOU doing to END rape and genocide. I await your answer. And please give me all the details of your daily work to do so. As for "u first"... I insist: After you.

To all the misogynist men who have commented on this reddit thread: let's hope the women go for your throats first. And when you start babbling on as much about what's actually happening in the world as you do about what one Anonymous woman and I say on one blog, well, that might show you actually have lives worth living. - JR

And here's what the "thoughtful" MRAs have to say to one another. Warning: it's a bit like a verbal circle jerk, with extra misogyny added to the mix:

antihostile [wrote]
In that case, I bet 90% of the world's male population supports the idea of exterminating Julian Real.

Raff001 [wrote]
Good a place to start as any.

MeanMotherHubbard [wrote]
Get out of my head.

tomek77 [wrote]
There is nothing more pathetic than a pussy-whipped feminist man. In my opinion, most do this because they think it'll get them laid, but it generally backfires on them... it turns out women don't like spineless losers after all, who'd have thought? :)

AnnArchist [wrote]
They are the same guys who are deceptively nicer than they really are just so they can touch a girl. Thats why girls like assholes, because they can usually see through a creepy nice guy's act and they know all men have the same goals and prefer a guy who is at least open and honest about it

guest121 [wrote]
Yes, but if you kill 90% of men (I believe he is included in the other 10%) then they guy will have much bigger chances of getting laid.

IronKing [wrote]
step four reduce the male worldwide population to say 10%. Maybe then we'd have peace in the world
oh the hypocrisy
The only way to have peace in the world is to murder 90% of people I don't like.
How fucked up do you have to be to advocate wiping out 45% of the world's population. That's far more than what Hitler was trying to do. She claims men are deadly and in the same paragraph says women should fight men, execute rapists (we know the story with rape) and exterminate 90% of the male population.

OceansAway [wrote]
How fucked up do you have to be to advocate wiping out 45% of the world's population. That's far more than what Hitler was trying to do.
Feminism is truly evil, worse even than Nazism or even religion.

nmbr [wrote]
You forgot the quotes around "Feminism."

theguffer [wrote]
This is just more proof that most feminist are not pro-equality; they are anti-man. Apparently, it doesn't matter if you are one, either (a man, that is).

ObidiahStane [wrote]
So, is this guy volunteering to go first?

RobinReborn [wrote]
It would be cool if you were among the 10% of guys that survived.

runamok [wrote]
I think that's Julian's true motivation.
Then maybe he could get a date.

Rygarb [wrote]

Wow, this mangina is an even bigger douchebag than Hugo Schwyzer, and that's saying something. If he hates men so much he should start by offing himself.

Liverotto [wrote]

Let's find out his address and phone number and rape his brain.

Male feminists are the real reason of the mess we are in, personally I would really risk jail time to beat up such an individual.

Lord_HalfJack [wrote]
Youd be proving his point, man. The wordt thing we could do to him is IGNORE him. let him wither away in the absence of a podium.

mtaclof [wrote]
No. He's insinuating men are vile and violent for no good reason. This guy IS the kind of douchebag who deserves to get fucked up.

And on with their misogyny:

BinaryShadow [wrote]
That will leave 10% of the male population to handle all the male-dominated jobs that women don't want. Think garbage handling, risky jobs like construction, janitors, etc.
Women will be CEO's of companies that won't be able to function. Good luck with that.

vostran [wrote]
She has to kill 3 billion people, we only have to kill her..

lwrun [wrote]
It's a he.

vostran [wrote]
Gender aside, this one is definetly deserving of the pronoun 'she'.


celticson [wrote]
How great to be one of the 10%! Weeee! One could have their choice, and not have to pick a BBW or fat chick.

Inconnu2u [wrote]
BBW = fat chick.

celticson [wrote]
Not necessarily.

Inconnu2u [wrote]
Necessarily, by definition. The same with "plus-sized". Fat.

celticson [wrote]
Agreed. But, there are relatively slim chicks who have too much fat on their chest.

ignatiusloyola [wrote]
You know, I think this is an idea I can get behind... Considering that lesbians don't make up 90% of the female population, there would be more women to go around and men would have all the power of sex and relationships!=
But seriously, it is a retarded idea.


A Pop Quiz on Dishonesty, Deception, and Trickery Among Heterosexually Active Men

[this image is from many places, including here]


This is a quiz. How many of the following questions or statements demonstrate heterosexually active men (HAMs) being honest? And how many demonstrate HAMs being respectful and caring of women? (There might be overlap. You'll see.) I seriously wonder how many HAMs out there ask women these questions or make these particular statements, in some clear, verbally direct form, before engaging in sexual activity. I am recommending all HAMs ask the caring questions and make the respectful comments, and disregard the rest, unless you are prepared to say and commit to what's said in the last item on the list.

1. I need to let you to know what my history is with abusing women or being disrespectful to women? I feel obligated to tell you. For one thing, I like using women as prostitutes, and after we have sex, I might want to slip you some cash, because it makes me feel more in control.

2. I'm going to now tell you what my habits are with regard to using pornography, with having 24/7 visual access to incested, raped, and pimped women. [Tell her your hourly use per week.] I want you to know, before we have sex, that I may be influenced by that pornography of raped women in how and what I want from you sexually. And I think it's important you know that I access these websites without any concern at all for the raped woman on the screen. She is just a thing to me. A visual thing I use to get off.

3. What is your history with men abusing or mistreating you, including sexually? Have any of the men you've been with in the past (if any) treated you with great respect and dignity, always honoring your boundaries, never trying to push beyond them?

4. I believe that women and men "play games" and that sometimes when a woman says "No" she really means Yes.

5. If you are a survivor of incest, child molestation, or rape, I'd prefer not to be sexual until I know much more about that history and how it has impacted you, emotionally and sexually. I'd like to know if you feel safe and at ease setting boundaries with men during sex.

6. I generally assume that once a woman starts making out with me that she wants to go all the way. So if you and I start kissing, I just want you to know I'm going to do my best to fuck you.

7. I think women are all wh*res deep down. Even the nice girls. I think you all are sl*ts. Years of living in this world has taught me that. And my dad used to say it a lot. And a lot of my male friends say it and think it too, so I know it's not just me. So, uh, basically I just want you to know that I don't really have much respect for you as a human being.

8. I think false rape charges are far more common than actual rapes.

9. I'm really tired of women bringing up past "traumatic events" as "an excuse" to not have sex with me. I'm really sick of that shit. So don't pull that on me or I'll be really pissed off.

10. I think of intercourse as "sex". And I love doing it in the ass. And I love getting head but am not into going down on you orally. And I'm not into wearing condoms because they affect the dull the feeling, you know? And they make my dick feel like it's being strangled. So no condoms for me. I'm assuming you've got all the protection you need to make sure you don't get knocked up, right? Because I don't want you coming after me in ten months with some claim that I owe you child support. That's happened one too many times to me already!

11. Given most of the disrespectful and uncaring stuff I've said above, do you still want to have sex with me? And if so, I decline, because I don't have sex with women who would want to have sex with a pro-rape, woman-hating asshole like me.