Monday, December 15, 2008

On Feminism and Prostitution: a radical profeminist perspective

I just found out about this white bloke who on YouTube goes by the name of Starving Flame. I'm willing to give him a bit of air-time, or whatever this is here on this blog! (Btw, imo, the dude needs better lighting. He looks kind of scary!)

I don't agree with all he says, but I like his arguments in this particular piece. My endorsement of the perspective he shares here is in no way an indication that I agree with other statements he makes elsewhere. (Nor should it be assumed I disagree with him elsewhere. I'll post here what I agree with, if I think it's blog-worthy.)

I believe it spares many women so much time and energy to have at least a few men ( hopefully the number is increasing) say this stuff out loud to other men, so feminists don't have to keep repeating it ad nauseam.