Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When you think "Dangerous Criminals", Picture These Guys

Left to Right: General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli, and Ford CEO Alan Mulally

Dick Cheney, Former Vice President of the United States of America

Donald Rumsfeld, Former U.S. Secretary of the Defense, and George W. Bush, Former President of the United States of America

Lee Raymond, CEO of ExxonMobil Corporation

Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto Agriculture Company

These bureaucratic and capitalist crooks, some of whom were U.S. Government genocidalists, some of whom were or are savage CEOs of genocidal corporations, and countless others who maintain positions of great U.S. national power and control, should be regarded as threats to our political and communal safety and should be considered highly dangerous, in my opinion. They would never have "made it" had they not first been trained to be white male supremacists.

Dick Fuld, Former CEO of Lehmen Brothers Holdings, Inc.