Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McCain is a Genocidalist: A Vote for Him is a Vote for Racist-Misogynist Atrocity

John McCain Supports Native American Genocide

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∞ John McCain ∞

÷ Is Guilty of Genocide ÷

John McCain sponsored S1973 in 1996 whereby John McCain (read copy) implemented the partitioned land initiative to make it feasible for the land occupied by Indigenous Americans to be considered “public lands” after “The Natives” were (false characterization:) “voluntarily resettled”. Bill History - (PDF)

(Public Law 93-531 as amended in 1996 (Partition), 1999 (Settlement), 2001 (Enforcement of Resettlement) and 2005 (Expansion of Resettlement)

ACSA study reveals that after assembling a team of "pro-Peabody Western Coal" Indians and obtaining a false "Hopi-Navajo" Tribal Counsel designation by the Bureau of Indian Affairs for these paid Tribal representatives, in the period 1974-1996, Senator McCain was able to get large bands of the Dineh-Navajo relocated off their lands, so that Peabody Western could mine the coal under their farms at nominal expense. Common Cause has suggested McCain was indirectly compensated by street name cash contributions to his Federal Election Fund during three Presidential runs, and through family business with Las Vegas Casinos who benefited from the coal driven power he supplied.
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