Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Loving Husband, or is it Murderer?, of Anna Nicole Smith: Howard K. Stern

[Above: Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole Smith; Below: "the mug shot" of Howard K. Stern]

When men's love kills women it's not pretty. But it is normal, and will be entertainment (aka "Dish") for days to come. For more on this story, click here.

Kyle Payne is Back to Blogging: But Where in the World is He?

To Kyle D. Payne,

I was surprised to find out you were back online, blogging at "The Road Less Traveled". I realise that most of your posts in 2009 have been reprints, so to speak, of earlier writings you have done, going back to 2006.

But my surprise stems in part from there being no public statement on your blog about your release from jail and what has happened to you in the last several months, taking us through your decision to blog again. Can you understand why that might concern some of those you have been linked to in the blogosphere?

This raises a few other questions, which I hope you will take time to answer as soon as time permits.

What can you tell those of us you have known online, even if only as a fellow profeminist blogger, about how and to what extent you believe yourself to be of less danger to women than you were about one year ago?

What do you think would be appropriate, in terms of accountability to Womanist and Feminist bloggers, for you to do to attempt to rebuild trust, to demonstrate that sufficient systems of accountability are in place now that weren't in 2007 and 2008?

What have you learned about yourself and how it is that you violated that young woman who you had a position of authority over, not just as a man, but also as her Resident Assistant?

Why are your name and photograph not visible on your blog as they were before your time in jail? If both are there, please post the link to that information here.

Do you think it would be appropriate and responsible to post current photographs of yourself on your blog? If so, would you please post a current, well-lit photograph of yourself here and on your own blog that shows visitors what you look like currently, in 2009. If not, please explain why.

How might anyone not closely in your life know if and when you change your hairstyle, hair color, amount of facial hair change, clothing style, or weight to a significant degree, and in what town or city you live and study? If your appearance changes, who should be made aware of that, in your view?

I'd appreciate having a response to all the above questions, concerns, and requests in the comments section of this post at A.R.P.