Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 9, 2014: The 9th Anniversary of Andrea Dworkin's Death

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It is good to see some of Andrea's work being regarded as important. It doesn't happen nearly enough.
It is 2014. A twelve-year-old boy rapes his 7-year-old sister after watching hardcore pornography. Should this be a feminist issue? Judging by the lack of any mainstream feminist response, no. Perhaps once it would have been, but not today. 
We’ve grown too worldly wise for moral panic. No longer are feminists shouty, sexless beings, piecing together a politics based on exception, exaggeration and fear. Terrible things happen to women and girls but when it comes to blame (such an awful word!) we are circumspect. Men rape women, boys rape girls, but it’s nothing to do with how we represent sex. It’s nothing to do with the stories we tell our children. Hatred of women just is.
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I hope that Andrea's work continues to inspire radical activism against all forms of white male supremacy.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

“Ink Master” stars Nunez and Peck Sued for Sexual Harassment: Support the plaintiff by boycotting the show and Spike TV

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This far too typical news story was sent to me and I was asked to share it with you, request your support for the plaintiff's case, and encourage you to join the boycott. 
Please remember that women work everywhere in and beyond the traditional 'business world', and no place, public or private, out to permit and support the physical, sexual, and spiritual degradation of women by men.   -- Julian

From the first link contained in the letter below.

Katz Melinger PLLC: Viacom, Spike, Original 

Media, Original Ink, and “Ink Master” stars 

Nunez and Peck Sued for Sexual Harassment

Nunez and Peck allegedly engaged in blatant sexual harassment, 

creating a hostile work environment, and supervisors allegedly knew 

about and tolerated such behavior, says Kenneth J. Katz, attorney 

for the victim.

We hope that this suit will not just rectify the wrongs done to our client, but will also remind other employers to ensure a safe work environment, free of illegal discrimination and harassment

Hello Radical Pro Feminist,

My sister was recently sexually harassed at work, by two of the judges of the TV show Ink Masters, Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez. She asked her employer, Spike TV, for help and was ignored at first. When she kept asking for help she was fired. 

Here is a link to the PR release by her lawyer about her lawsuit:

In the body of that page is a link to the actual complaint filed with the court of new york, be warned before you read it, they said some very vile things to her. Men like myself get very, very angry with adult boys who treat women this way. 

Below is a link to our facebook group to boycott the show and their advertisers until they fire the two abusers. 

We would really appreciate it if you used your presence to bring this to the attention of concerned and supportive people. 

My sister spent several years doing part time work on TV shows and was so excited to finally be a real member of a production and then she ran into these two, now she doesn't want to work in TV ever again. Seeing support from people who read her story and left supportive comments and shared it over the past few days has really cheered her up. 

Thanks for your time. 

~An angry brother