Thursday, July 31, 2008

White Supremacy and Profeminism

This topic cannot be contained within one post. So let's just call this post #1 on this matter.

The most immediate issue I want to address is what does it mean for women's liberation that Western profeminism is white-dominated and eurocentric?

To me it means this: our Western white supremacy will remain unchallenged in this movement, if this is, indeed, a movement.

A discussion among feminist bloggers about the degree to which radical feminism is white supremacist has been happening for some time. I do not recall this discussion ever happening among profeminist men: why? Because there are only a dozen of us? (I mean that could be the answer!)

If white men in the West control and dominate everything from media to the study of philosophy, how are radical women of color's voices and white feminist voices to be heard, let alone be responded to responsibly?

To which radical women of color and white women, feminist identified or not, is any white man fully accountable? To have politically active progressive to radical white men centralize the struggles of, and speak to the issues which most greatly impact women of color and white women worldwide--what would it take for that to happen?

In Response to the Virulently Misogynistic blog, REX PATRIARCH

There are many forms of virulent misogyny online.

Some are pro-rape websites. Some are racist-misogynistic pornography sites. But another form of this scum is found among Men's Rights bloggers and an even more peculiar, here meaning delusional, group of blogging men, who call themselves anti-misandrists. (Because, Lorde knows, we all experience what an institutionalized, centuries old problem man-hating is! Note: that's sarcasm, as thick as it gets.)

"Rex Patriarch" aka cybro, is one such blog(ger).

What follows is a link to one thread from his blog--an histerical response to a liberal feminist statement. The comments section appears below. You may note that none of these boys can even answer my questions. As cybro notes, this is the first and last time he'll allow me to post any comments to his blog. [Credit to Andrea Dworkin for the term, histerical. And patriarchs say she had no sense of humour! Apparently, U.S. antifeminists are among the most humourless people in this part of the West.]

Below is the entire comments section to date, from the blogpost on: REX PATRIARCH entitled
"OH NOW THEY WANT A TRUCE" [For more, see this URL: ]


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Mars said...
I also don't care. I wonder what their reactions are going to be when they find out that no mercy will be given and no quarter shown?
July 21, 2008 4:24 PM

Comment deleted
This post has been removed by the author.
July 21, 2008 8:46 PM

Anonymous said...
No Peace.No Surrender.Only total capitulation from the enemy will suffice.
July 21, 2008 8:59 PM

Anonymous said...
Typical of women.The only time when a woman worries about abusive alimony and child support is when she is the second wife of the man condemned to these payments (so she receives less money because of them).The only time when a woman worries about man-hating is when she realizes that this produces less men willing to commit and slave themselves to support a wife (and the children women long for). There is a shortage of suckers so let's treat men better so they can produce "stable families". Of course, the feelings and the dreams of men are not worth discussing. And this kind of articles have only appeared when the marriage strike has begun to have effect. 30 years of man-hating have been enjoyed with enthusiasm by average women. Now that they are a man shortage, it's when they worry about that.It's not compassion about other human beings (men) the reason of this article. Women can be empathetic about kids and other women but not about men. Women see men only as a tools to achieve what they most want (marriage, kids, financial security).Go your own way and let them whine about the man shortage. You will do anything you want and spend your money on you, not on a ungrateful parasite.
July 22, 2008 5:36 AM

julianreal said...
What do you call this sort of speech here, "anti-misandrous"? This whole discussion here, both the intitial post and comments to date, are about as astounding as any I've seen, right up there with Hitler blaming the Jews for the woes of the German economy, and GWBush blaming our socio-economic problems on them immigrants (note: white men are unwelcomed immigrants on North American land: so go back home where ya came from). Look in a mirror; there you'll find your enemy, clear as day.Julian
July 23, 2008 10:04 AM

cybro said...
Thank you for your comments. The kind of speech depends on who you ask. Feminist call it hate speech. I call it the truth, that's why feminist hate it so much. Yes you will find the discussion here astounding in so much that men have no say in other forms of media. Those have been completely feminized and nothing that isn't pro feminazi is allowed to be said. That is why you never hear it.As far as white men go you need to hear what a famous indian said about them to his fellow indians. Basicaly he said if the indians didn't stop wacking each other, join together and fight the white man, whitey would just walk in and take over. Can you guess what happened?
July 23, 2008 11:08 AM

julianreal said...
I think we all know what happened and is still happening to Indigenous people all over the planet: white men and our values, industries, and institutions are killing them, genocidally. And white men are also systematically raping Indigenous women. See this for more: is your humanitarian response to these atrocities?In what institutions, in what social venues, in what regions of North America, in your view, do "women rule over men"? I am eager to hear your answer.As for where men get to speak like this: have you looked at the pornography industry in the last thirty five years; men have been putting down women there in every conceivable way, degrading women, raping women, pretending to rape women, cumming on women's faces, gang-banging women, treating women of color like sh*t in particularly racist and misogynist ways. Often and routinely over these many years, the pornographers (I'm here I'm talking about the big fellas: the white corporate pimps, not someone at home alone or with a partner using their webcam) make feminists and feminism the targets of this scorn, contempt, and defamation: that's a multi-billion dollar a year industry. I ask this in earnestness: can you name for me one multi-billion dollar a year industry that promotes (accurately) the perspectives of radical feminists? Because I can't, and I've looked. Practically every woman I know has been seriously harmed physically, emotionally, and sexually by a man or by several men, often within their own families of origin: I'm not a youngster, and this means dozens and dozens of women, just those women to whom I am personally connected. One woman friend was molested by three different men over one summer when she was nine years old. Another woman was raped by her father, older brothers, and male cousins when she was a girl. My female dental hygienist was murdered by her ex-boyfriend; he came to her home when she was alone and killed her. I also know boys who have been raped or molested or assaulted by men: again, their numbers are in the dozens, but approximately half as large as the population of females harmed by men in these ways. Do you know even five women who have been charged with rape, incest, child molestation, criminal battery, women who have detained boys or men in their basements as sexual slaves, women who have trafficked in boys and men for the purposes of sexual gratification, at the expense of the humanity of those so used and abused?I see men treat one another like sh*t often, beating each other up outside of bars, shouting and threatening each other: white men threatening and discriminating against men of color; heterosexual men bullying and beating gay men. I'm curious why you don't see men as a significant population of man-haters. I honestly (I'm being entirely serious here) know of not one single woman who hates men. Not one. I know women who fear men, based on past experiences; I know women who fight for justice for women, for women to be free from rapist culture, from pornographic culture, from a dominant culture in which Indigenous North American women can be raped by white men without any recourse. I can't "reverse" this phenomenon and match it to reality. Could you name the social experiences, on a large scale, that lead you to see the world this way?Regarding your use of the term "feminazi": Given social-political reality, aren't white men "the Nazis," and women of all ethnicities more like "European Jews" than the other way around? In what sense do feminists in North America control the media, run state police forces, direct the military, and form an unfathomably inhumane dictatorship, as Hitler did? What sense does it make to call any feminists "Nazis"? Please explain this to me. (Thank you.)How have you been harmed, personally, by women?I look forward to your response. Thanks for engaging on this topic. I appreciate your willingness to keep the dialogue open.Julian
July 24, 2008 11:13 AM

cybro said...
Sounds like a womyn's studies graduate. I refer you to the video I just posted. That chick will describe to you the hatred they have for men and why. Other than that I already know that nothing I say is going to penetrate the insanity that a feminist lives in. What I advize men to do with troublesome females is dump them and move on before they can do any serious damage.
July 24, 2008 12:31 PM

Anonymous said...
cybro, it simply isn't possible to converse with someone who is so utterly brainwashed by Feminist Propaganda as julianreal. That's what so terrible about the feminist virus; once a person is infected with it, it cannot be removed. No amount of logic, reason, facts, etc., is capable of convincing them they've been lied to and continue to be lied to by Feminist Propaganda. Honestly, Women's Studies has been debunked for over 10 years and women continue to eat it up! F:"We hate men because of x,y,z."M:"X,y,z are lies and have been thoroughly debunked. Here's the evidence."F:"Shut up, we still hate men even if x,y,z aren't true."Even the very rare women who were once Hardcore Radical Feminists who've altered their position and realized that Feminism is based on lies cannot convince people like julianreal.Feminism is social engineering at its finest. It takes a very honest, open minded, intelligent woman willing to think outside the herd to understand this. I mean, even women who have sons have a hard time understanding how damaging feminism is to their sons and society.Feminism is the greatest lie ever told and women eat it up. The most crafty thing about Feminism is that if Men clearly point out to them that it's based upon lies, the women have been conditioned to not listen to those oppressive men! Genius!That's why you cannot argue with them. They've been brainwashed to hate you and not listen to you ... even if you're right and back it up with facts.
July 24, 2008 3:36 PM

cybro said...
I'll give any feminist one free rant. The next rant gets them kicked through the goal posts. It's the same thing they do to me on their blogs.I have a similar policy with all chicks in real life. You disrespect me one time, you get one warning, the next time you get your ass kicked to the curb.That in of itself is doing more to help my fellow man than any amount of money that could be donated to some retarded mens activist group. I'm training her up for the next guy that says you get one warning...
July 24, 2008 7:03 PM

Kapt Krunch said...
Right on Cybro. There is no point debating these ladies. They use the same old worn out tricks in the feminist playbook to stay off subject. There never is a discussion. It's all personal attacks and accusations. I heard it all a million times before.
July 25, 2008 3:25 PM

Noam Chomsky Finally Speaks Out Against Pornography

Three years ago, Nikki Craft and I created the activist website Hustling The Left. It's purpose was to hold men on the Left accountable to being silent on issues directly related to women's liberation from patriarchal exploitation and subordination, specifically their silence on or support of the corporate pimping of women in pornography.


Nikki just informed me that there's now a 2008 Noam Chomsky video interview, in which he addresses pornography specifically as something that is degrading to women. Nikki was in contact with him about this issue back when we were working on the website. His correspondence with her is documented. Click here for that. SAME WARNING AS ABOVE ABOUT CONTENT.

Here is that video.