Friday, September 18, 2009

Even more misogynist and racist stupidity by the media on the abduction, rape, and murder of women by white men

Dr Gary Martin, director of operations for Marshall Medical Center's pathology department, said Le was the best student he'd ever had as a volunteer. She was "a little stick of dynamite," he said. "She was smart, she was vivacious, always cheery, a ton of energy."
And heterosexual men say they only wanna kill the st*pid b*tches and d*mb h*s. Guess not. They'll apparently just as easily murder a woman of color who was smart, cheery, a ton of energy, like a little stick of dynamite. It's too bad she didn't have a little stick of dynamite to shove into her murderer's body before getting away alive. Perhaps that's what those who are systematically targeted for men's violence need now, in addition to pepper spray, a model mugging course, and car keys poised between the fingers.

The case of alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido and the murder of Annie Le are linked through a Californian town

By Charles Laurence


El Dorado County has not been much in the headlines since the heady days of the California Gold Rush. But the county that stretches east from Sacramento, the state capital, to the Sierra mountains, currently finds itself at the centre of two of the hottest crime stories in America.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the abduction by Phillip Garrido of Jaycee Lee Dugard and the murder of graduate student Annie Le at Yale University, both making headlines in the United States, are linked through El Dorado County and its county capital, Placerville, situated in the densely wooded foothills of the Sierras.

Garrido (above), dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, appeared before a judge at the El Dorado County court in Placerville on Monday, to have his bail set at a stunning $30m. The judge called for psychological evaluation and announced that his next court appearance will be on October 29, when a date will be set for Phillip and Nancy Garrido's preliminary hearing.

At a press conference afterwards, District Attorney Vern Pierson said it was likely Jaycee Lee Dugard would appear to testify against the man who is alleged to have abducted her, raped her and imprisoned her for 18 years in the backyard of his Californian home. Pierson said it was a constitutional requirement that a defendant has the chance to face in court the key witness to their alleged crime.

Placerville is only 60 miles from South Lake Tahoe City - El Dorado County's only other city - where Jaycee was famously snatched in 1991 as she walked to school. Not only are the Garridos alleged to have held her captive in their backyard in Antioch - a neighbourhood south of Sacramento, on the edge of the San Francisco Bay area - but Garrido is known to have fathered two girls by her. Hence the rape charges.

There is no confirmation yet as to whether Garrido might face further charges concerning other disappearances and deaths in California in the intervening years.

On the same day that Garrido faced the judge in Placerville, police in New Haven, Connecticut, confirmed that the body found on Sunday hidden in a basement cable duct in Yale University's medical building was that of 24-year-old Annie Le, who came to the Ivy League university from El Dorado County.

She volunteered at the Marshall Medical Center in Placerville after graduating from the Union Mine High School in El Dorado town, five miles down Highway 50.

Annie Le's death has gripped the public imagination, partly because her body was found on Sunday on the night she should have been marrying her fiancé, a Columbia University graduate called Jonathan Widawsky.

Police in New Haven, where crime-ridden ghettos surround the leafy Yale campus, have so far offered no clues as to Le's killer. On Monday they denied that they had any suspects or "persons of
interest", as had been reported. They had found clothes hidden in a drop-ceiling near Le's body, but they were not the clothes Le was wearing as she entered the building on September 8, filmed by a security camera.

Officer Joe Avery added that "we are not looking at it [the murder]
as a random act".

Anyone going into the laboratory building where Le, a graduate medical student, was murdered would have to have security clearance and passes. "Only Yalies had access to that basement," said Thomas Kaplan, editor of the Yale Daily News, "and that seems to point to someone in our community being involved in this."

Back in Placerville, locals were remembering the 4ft 11in girl who clearly made an impact. Dr Gary Martin, director of operations for Marshall Medical Center's pathology department, said Le was the best student he'd ever had as a volunteer. She was "a little stick of dynamite," he said. "She was smart, she was vivacious, always cheery, a ton of energy."

Her class yearbook from 2003 - the year she graduated from Union Mine - showed that she was voted the female student "most likely to be the next Einstein". We do not yet know what Phillip Garrido's classmates might have said in his yearbook.


Or, maybe the two cases are linked by the necessary violence against women needed to maintain white male supremacy. Ya think? -- Julian


A "Demanding Job" is the Latest Excuse for why White Men Kill Women of Color

[photograph of Annie Le, who was murdered by the white man in the photo below, is from the AP]

Men who knew Raymond Clark III (in photo below), the white man arrested for the murder reported to CNN that he was "a nice man, always" and "'not at all' violent". Ah, the patriarchy-protecting Bonds of Brotherhood. And more proof that men who hate and harm women don't run around like lunatics waving old issues of Ms. Magazine. They are nice guys, sweet men, kind, considerate, and fun. (And some of them are also known for being grumpy, disagreeable, overtly controlling bastards.) The point being: they are the men we know, who live everywhere.

[photograph of Raymond Clark, Yale employee, who has been charged with murdering the Yale University student Annie Le. Photograph: John Woike/AP/Hartford Courant]

The New York Times' version of the murder of Annie Le is here: From that piece is the following passage:

Chief James Lewis of the New Haven police would not speak about a possible motive, but said, “It is important to note that this is not about urban crime, university crime, domestic crime, but an issue of workplace violence, which is becoming a growing concern around the country.”

The chief sought to dispel any notion that Ms. Le, who was about to be married, had been stalked by Mr. Clark or that Yale itself was unsafe.

Police chief James Lewis is full of CRAP and doesn't have a goddamned clue what the fuck he's talking about. We are not surprised he's risen to be a police chief in a city thick with racism, classism, and misogyny.

Strange, isn't it, how white men's stress seems to get acted out disproportionately against women, given that men work with other men so often. Let's be clear: "a demanding job" has nothing whatsoever to do with why white men kill women of any ethnicity or race. Men kill women because men can kill women and usually get away with it. Men kill women because women are systemically targeted by men for systematic assault and murder. End of story.

I just wish the dominant media would tell it like it is.

One presumes if the jobs in the lab were so demanding, she might just as easily have killed him. Hmmm. But it never works that way, does it? One might also presume the lab conditions might be a tad more stressful on the lab animals than on the white man working there. Too bad the animals themselves didn't take him out before he murdered Annie Le. But again, we know who is allowed to kill whom, in a white male supremacist society that thinks of non-human animals and human women as things for men to exploit, torture, and destroy, with a regularity that ought to strike most people as constituting an atrocity. And, to report all the facts, he was known as "an animal lover" and "a kind man". With lovers and kind men like that...

The white male president of Yale, Richard Levin, was equally politically stupid about this crime, noting:

Yale's president, Richard Levin, said Clark had worked at the university since December 2004, and that nothing in his employment record foreshadowed violence.

"It is very disturbing to think that a university employee might have committed this crime," he said, stressing that the campus and the city are safe.

"What happened here could have happened anywhere," he said. "It says more about the dark side of the human soul than it does about anything else."

"This incident could have happened in any city, in any university, or in any workplace. It says more about the dark side of the human soul than it does about the extent of security measures," Levin said in a message sent to the Yale community.

Nice try, Levin. But this murder says much more about the very white side of masculinist atrocity. The harassment and rape, and now murder, of women on your campus would lead anyone to a different conclusion. It should lead anyone to conclude that Yale University is not a safe place for women to study or work:

Even statistics tell only a partial story of acquaintance rape at universities across America: one-fifth of college women experience forced sex by someone they know, and more than 80 percent of all rapes are acquaintance rapes (according to the National Institutes of Health Study and the US Department of Justice). At Yale, the statistics seem more reassuring at face value. No incidents of rape have been reported to the University Police department so far in 1996. An untold number of incidents are excluded from this statistic, however; they are either handled by Yale's Executive Committee for disciplinary action or simply dropped because of lack of evidence, publicity-wary authorities, or the victim's own shame. "When I talk to women's groups, they cannot believe that the official rape statistics at Yale are so low. They've heard of many more incidents by word of mouth. But people have to realize that acquaintance rape is almost never reported to the police," Yale Police Sergeant Patrick Wrinn said.

Hey, Patrick, break the bonds of The Brotherhood and educate the president of the place where you're employed, as well as the New Haven police chief, about what is really going down there.

My condolences to the friends and family of Annie Le, who lived to be only 24 due to "a co-worker's demanding job". May she rest in peace.

May her murderer rot in hell, ASAP.

[Richard Levin's quote and both images are from the article linked to here]

And they say white men don't protect one another's crimes against humanity and non-human life. How much proof do we need? How many more women have to be murdered, at home, at school, and at work, in men's apartments, motel, and hotel rooms, and on the street, before white men, collectively, "get it"?


Tracking U.S. White Men Raping Female Children in Cambodia

[image is from here, where there's an article on global trafficking and sexual slavery]

ABC News prefers to pretend these predators are unraced and ungendered by calling their report: Tracking Suspected American Pedophiles in Cambodia.

The name of this effort to catch these Western white male rapers of female Cambodian children is termed "Operation Twisted Traveler" not "Normal U.S. white men going to Cambodia to rape children, again". Why is that?

The man most focused on in this report is from Arizona, and his name is Harvey Johnson. He has been spending time in Cambodia as "a teacher". This particular girl-raper lies through his teeth as easily as he breathes. It is my sincere hope that he soon not be able to do either.

The story is told in what I found to be a very TRIGGERING way. BE WARNED: graphic details of child-rape are in this report. And, this report is another terribly usual story of yet another white man taking advantage of his privileges to use and abuse human beings for his own pleasure. See here for more. The written report and the video are BOTH VERY DISTURBING. Related stories are below on the same page. Parts 1 and 2 of the story which includes tracking down and interrogating this PRICK may be found at the following two links: