Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Images from International Women's Day 2016

All the images below are from The Guardian. Credits are beneath each photo.

I am wishing all girls and women physical safety, economic security, clean water, nutritious food, control over their own bodies and land, and power in their own lives.

Mexico City, MexicoA member of the indigenous Zapatista National Liberation 
Army (EZLN) takes part in a demonstration to mark 
International Women’s Day, outside the Palacio de 
Bellas Artes
Bhopal, IndiaTribal artists during a rally for International Women’s Day
Manila, PhilippinesA Filipino mother with her child march during 
a parade to mark International Women’s Day
Port-au-Prince, HaitiOn International Women’s Day a woman sells 
cleaning products near children playing, in Jalousie 
neighbourhood, in the commune of Petion Ville