Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 9, 2014: The 9th Anniversary of Andrea Dworkin's Death

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It is good to see some of Andrea's work being regarded as important. It doesn't happen nearly enough.
It is 2014. A twelve-year-old boy rapes his 7-year-old sister after watching hardcore pornography. Should this be a feminist issue? Judging by the lack of any mainstream feminist response, no. Perhaps once it would have been, but not today. 
We’ve grown too worldly wise for moral panic. No longer are feminists shouty, sexless beings, piecing together a politics based on exception, exaggeration and fear. Terrible things happen to women and girls but when it comes to blame (such an awful word!) we are circumspect. Men rape women, boys rape girls, but it’s nothing to do with how we represent sex. It’s nothing to do with the stories we tell our children. Hatred of women just is.
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I hope that Andrea's work continues to inspire radical activism against all forms of white male supremacy.