Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Andrea Dworkin: celebrating her 65th birthday

photograph of Andrea Dworkin is from *here* at TriviaVoices

On what would have been here 65th birthday (she was born on 26 Sept. 1946 ECD), I am celebrating her life and work. As I have discussed in many other posts over the years, Andrea Dworkin was tremendously important to me in many ways. I honor, respect, and love her.

Here is auto/biographical info about her:

Bibliography and Book-Ordering Information

Here are links to three interviews with her, from the official Andrea Dworkin website:

Michael Moorcock Interview With Andrea Dworkin
Congressman John Lewis and Andrea Dworkin
Dallas Radio Interview With Andrea Dworkin

Here is a link to some of her writings:

Please, if you haven't yet, carefully read and study her writings for their radical political insights and challenges to the status quo.