Friday, March 11, 2011

A bit about me

Updated and revised on 16 March 2016.

I am gay, male, First World, and of Ashkenazi Jewish and other European heritage.

I am pro-Indigenist. Anti-colonial white supremacy. Anti-heteropatriarchal.

Contrary to MRA Internet rumors, I don't support any form of genocide, including against any percent of the male population. I don't hate men (or women, intersex, or transsex people). I am not anti-sex; I'm anti-sexism. I'm not anti-male; I'm against male supremacy. I am also not pro-sex in the white and Liberal Queer sense. I'm not supportive of the existence of the the sex trade or sex industries, or any form of coerced or slave labor.

I don't have sexual or romantic relationships with anyone. My gender is anti-male supremacy. My sex is "No". I am pro-Eroticism in this sense:

I view political activism as spiritual work. I believe in the fusion of rage and compassion with responsible action, hopefully organised with other activists to achieve more joy, healing, creativity, and peace on Earth. I am appropriately furious about systemic injustice and gross inhumanity. Outrage isn't a form of hatred: it is a form of love. I love humanity and hope we can collectively work to become more compassionate and empathic, including by living sustainably with the Earth.


  1. here, here! nice to have met you, julian real. you have a powerful wonderful blog.

  2. Why thank you very much, Dark Daughta!!

    And happy to make your acquaintance.

    You're part of what makes this blog wonderful, in my estimation!

    A regular reader from Madrid sent me a very helpful email suggesting that I make some format changes to my blog, because it is hard to navigate or see all the material I've made sure shows up on each and every page.

    So, I have made much of that info into separate posts, and am simply--voila!!--linking to them on the right side where ALL that info used to be! I hope you likey.

    And I hope this makes the blog easier to read for everyone and also hopefully makes it load more quickly too.

  3. Hi J, I found your wonderful blog today.

    I admire the strength of your convictions and the content on this blog.

    I look forward to future posts.

  4. Hello and welcome, BellaVida.

    I am grateful to you being one of what I hope is a growing community of people who support the values and politics of A.R.P.

    Please feel free to offer comments to any posts, past, present, or future.

  5. Hi! My name's Ariel S. Lee, I've been a feminist since...forever...but I just stumbled upon your amazing blog. Your view of gender and sexuality makes so much sense to me. It was the first time I'd ever seen anyone articulate what I'd long believed myself, something had that left me feeling isolated. It really is well informed, progressive, and honest. I LOVE it! Keep going with your amazing work! Great to meet you! (

  6. Hi and welcome, Ariel!

    Thanks for leaving that message. It was great to read.

    I hope you make yourself at home here!

  7. I found your blog while searching about Sommers. I love your blog! :D Keep it up <3

  8. Thank you, aablah! I hope you visit often and are supported by what you find here.

  9. Wow! I really didn't know what I was missing. I found your blog today after searching for more work by Thea Lim. It was just the medicine I needed today! Thank you for such powerful and wonderful work!

  10. Welcome, Simcha!

    Please make yourself at home and find a comfy spot to sit, read, relax, and revolt.

    I've just been over to your blog, posted some comments, and am adding you to my blogroll. Thanks for being there and for being you.

  11. Also to Simcha...

    I'm TRYING to add you to my blogroll. For weeks now, blogger won't let me add any new blogs! Grrrrrr.

  12. Hello
    Just stumbled upon your blog after reading a short article about 'A Streetcar Named Desire' of all things! Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your article that included the list designed to provoke thought about white privilege was very enlightening indeed- as a white male living in england myself, I can hold my hand up and declare that which I have suspected for years I am indeed a recipient of white privelege.
    Unfortunately, Im not sure what I can do about this state of affairs in which we live, other than let other people know about the unjust status quo (and be shouted down for doing so- rather morale sapping), as I am not especially well educated (I am only an electrician). Something is very wrong with the world, and I somehow feel some responsibility for its present state.
    Anyway, this is turning into a bit of a soliloquy, so I will leave by thanking you for this thought provoking blog, I intend to peruse it further.

  13. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to write. I do think it helps, in sometimes not-so-noticeable ways, for those of us with various forms of privilege (whether white, male, Western, etc.) to not be in denial about that and to also challenge systems of unjust/unearned power where and when we can.

  14. Interesting Blog.

    I don't agree with every single thing you say, but I've enjoyed most of it.

    Talk to you later.

  15. Welcome Femitheist Divine,

    I'm glad there's some stuff here that feels supportive to you and that is in sync with your views.



  16. Hello Julian, I'm based in London and enjoyed reading your blog. You might be interested in reading my feminist blog @

    Kindest regards, Goldy

  17. Happy to meet you, Goldy!

    Much good luck to you with your blog.

    For everyone else, here's the working link:

  18. Hello,
    I find your Blog fascinating and wanted to thank you for such insightful posts.

    I was hoping to share with you some of my favorite book in the topic are. i'm not sure if you've read any of them. :)

    David G. Gilmore "Manhood in the Making:Cultural Concepts of Masculinity"

    Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner"The F Word: Feminism in Jeopardy; Women, Politics, and the Future"

    Leanne Payne"Crisis in Masculinity"

    Robert Jensen"Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity"

    Jane Caputi "Goddesses and Monsters: women, Myth, Power, and Popular Culture"

    and my all time favorite based on a actual events is

    Bernard Lefkowitz"Our Guys"

    again thank you for your posts.


  19. Thank you for your comment, Kia, and for your book list!

  20. Hi Julian,

    I love your blog. You are an eloquent thinker and writer. I hope to reference you in the future!


  21. Hi and welcome, Joanna!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it. :)

  22. Welcome, representative or blogger from Informazione Consapevole!

    I am aware of a lot of what you informed me of. What I'm confused about is the "all whites" are racist part from this post. I don't see that mentioned by me here. Not to say I haven't addressed it on my blog!! haha

    Elsewhere, when I say things like that--or exactly that, what I means is whites have structural, institutional supports, advantages, entitlements, privileges that people who are not white do not have. It's not simple and some whites have more privileges, etc, than others. And lighter folks in many parts of South America, for example, may have advantages over people who are darker or who appear more "Indigenous" in the minds of the whiter people there. I think this is the case in many parts of the world where euro-Western colonialism/imperialism has impacted.

    And I'm not denying that many white people are negatively impacted by some forms of euro colonization: only that it exists to invade and plunder 'non-white-majority' parts of the world. And that colonized places are anti-Black and anti-Indigenous in ways they were not prior to invasion/occupation. Would you agree with that?

    And people who are white and Indigenous often have very different economic pasts, where privilege shows up along the white/euro lineage and not so much along the Indigenous lineage.

    Saying "all whites are..." isn't about the personal values of each white person. I hope that clarifies my position. To say "All men support rape" isn't to say all men rape or all men want to rape. It is to say that all men benefit materially, socially, or economically from rape culture. And some men do not, such men in places where men don't have the opportunity to rape women. And all people are dehumanized in rape culture, or in white supremacist societies. The film about James Baldwin, recently, "I Am Not Your Negro" speaks to this intensely.

  23. Hey Julian, I've got a question for you. I'm trying to track down credit for the radfem joke that goes something like 'What do you call it when women go off on their own? Separatism. What do you call it when men go off on their own? Congress." I'm thinking it might be Dworkin? And you've read her more recently than I ... Ring a bell? ptittle

  24. I'm not sure why, but it seems your last few comments--or even farther back than that!--don't show up. Weird. Others do! So I'm making sure the recent ones appear.

    I tried to locate the source of that joke. I've heard variations of it over the years. I'm thinking it wouldn't likely be Dworkin. Her humor, quite abundant and wry, was not usually in the form of standard joke-telling. And she was not much of a fan of many forms of separatist ideology:

    I'll let you know if I find it!