Thursday, November 20, 2008

MadShangi is the Feminist Killer [according to MadShangi]

This is one of the most hostile antifeminist diatribes by a man I have ever read.

I think it constitutes a serious, terroristic threat against a specific group of people (feminists). What's posted here, below, is just the beginning of it. WARNING: VIRULENT RACIST WOMAN-HATING LANGUAGE FOLLOWS. IT IS LIKELY TO TRIGGER ANY FEMALE SURVIVOR OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT OR ASSAULT. I am wondering if this sort of hate speech is prosecutable.
Monday, November 17, 2008

"Fuck The Feminists"

Fuck the Feminists, 'cause they've gone too far
MadShangi's gonna expose what cunts they are
I'm no fake, and I'm no player
MadShangi is the motherfucking truth sayer
You say you want equality, you're lyin'
You're just a greedy bitch that wants what's mine
You stupid bitch, don't be a sequel
To the last bitch that thought she was equal
You're a stupid ass motherfucking bitch ass ho
MadShangi says: "Fuck your soul!"


Gonna spill more blood than your average thriller
'Cause MadShangi is the Feminist Killer

To view his YouTube video, in which he speaks about himself and his opinion that he doesn't hate women, see this. A significantly less serious warning: this video is rambling and boring.

This is his email address, in case you'd like to challenge his hateful views:

He reportedly is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is listed as 24 years old, and is white with short to medium-length brown hair. Women should regard him as a dangerous individual.

Oh, and Patrick Doran, re: your allegations of me stalking and being, um, attracted to you:

You're not my type. My type is humane, thoughtful, caring, profeminist (anti-racist, anti-misogynist, anti-homophobic) men who don't behave like the stupid, hateful asshole you repeatedly portray yourself to be.

In case my motives aren't clear to you, Patrick, let me spell them out:

Revealing how misogynistic, antifeminist, antiWomanist men behave is part of my political work, and reporting men who threaten to kill women is important for anyone to do. Therefore, I'm placing your threatening statement here, with your contact information, where it might be seen by someone living in your part of Canada who can report and/or arrest you.

(That's not an invitation to go out on a date, in case you are still confused.)

Misogynist-racist misopedic white man Roger Sweet

I want to thank Heart for posting this news story. I link to it here to make it available to those who come by this way.

When will white heterosexual men's gross human rights atrocities end?

As B. Dylan said, the answer is blowing in the wind.

"The Anti-Dworkin", aka John Dias

As we await John's reply to a recent post here, I wanted to give visitors to this blog some information about who John Dias is and what he does.

John is listed at the "anti-man-hating" site as being 38 years old and refers to himself as "The Anti-Dworkin".

He is the founder of the website It's motto is: "Stopping False Allegations with Surveillance Technology".

I am linking to two pages from his website with more info about John. The first, here, is his FAQ page. The main function of his site it to get men who live with women to purchase surveillance equipment so that if a man is falsely charged with domestic violence by a woman he lives with, he'll have proof that it was really she who is the abuser or, at the very least, a liar.

The story about why he created that website is linked to here.

He joined on July 13, 2006, which, though a while ago, is not when the site was hatched. The site's first listed member, Marx, has a "join date" of Nov. 5, 2005. That antimisandry website also has members ranked according to what they term reputation. This appears to be similar to a ranking system found in Scientology, in which Tom Cruise is first or second most reputable. At the antmisandy site, reputation appears to connote one's commitment to the Men's Rights Movement, antifeminism, and related activism and writing, including postings on their site. John Dias is listed as among the most reputable members. [Note: I am not making any other comparisons between this antimisandry site and the Church of Scientology. For one things, doesn't appear to ask its members to hand over all their money.] From what I can tell, members are primarily from North America and the UK; most are male, but not all, and most are white.

John is a skilled debater; he's no novice as we can note here, on a page where he gives Men's Rights Activists an opportunity rank themselves.

He is practiced in scoring points when debating on feminist and Men's Rights issues.

John tends to use liberal argumentation.

Another regular at, dyslexic banana argues similarly here, about prostitution.

There are things that outrage me in the course of a day. Sometimes it's the latest news story about the latest battered and killed ex-wife, usually by the man who "loved her" [here meaning wanting to completely possess and control her]. Sometimes it's the news of a woman coerced into sexual slavery. Sometimes it's the news from yet another woman or gay man leaving an office workplace, who has been harassed on the street, yet again, and followed by a predatory man after she or he made it clear, usually far too respectfully, that s/he did not welcome any contact. Sometimes it's blatant or subtle white male supremacist racism in combination with misogyny and heterosexism, which shows up in too many ways to name here.

According to this post, there was a particular Diamond Ring billboard that really angered John. I'm not sure how he reacts to the far more numerous billboards, print ads, and online industrial strength pornography, which relentlessly and virulently depict women as things that apparently exist for [hetero] men to exploit, f*ck, and rape. Perhaps he'll address this too, in his reply.