Thursday, November 20, 2008

MadShangi is the Feminist Killer [according to MadShangi]

This is one of the most hostile antifeminist diatribes by a man I have ever read.

I think it constitutes a serious, terroristic threat against a specific group of people (feminists). What's posted here, below, is just the beginning of it. WARNING: VIRULENT RACIST WOMAN-HATING LANGUAGE FOLLOWS. IT IS LIKELY TO TRIGGER ANY FEMALE SURVIVOR OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT OR ASSAULT. I am wondering if this sort of hate speech is prosecutable.
Monday, November 17, 2008

"Fuck The Feminists"

Fuck the Feminists, 'cause they've gone too far
MadShangi's gonna expose what cunts they are
I'm no fake, and I'm no player
MadShangi is the motherfucking truth sayer
You say you want equality, you're lyin'
You're just a greedy bitch that wants what's mine
You stupid bitch, don't be a sequel
To the last bitch that thought she was equal
You're a stupid ass motherfucking bitch ass ho
MadShangi says: "Fuck your soul!"


Gonna spill more blood than your average thriller
'Cause MadShangi is the Feminist Killer

To view his YouTube video, in which he speaks about himself and his opinion that he doesn't hate women, see this. A significantly less serious warning: this video is rambling and boring.

This is his email address, in case you'd like to challenge his hateful views:

He reportedly is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is listed as 24 years old, and is white with short to medium-length brown hair. Women should regard him as a dangerous individual.

Oh, and Patrick Doran, re: your allegations of me stalking and being, um, attracted to you:

You're not my type. My type is humane, thoughtful, caring, profeminist (anti-racist, anti-misogynist, anti-homophobic) men who don't behave like the stupid, hateful asshole you repeatedly portray yourself to be.

In case my motives aren't clear to you, Patrick, let me spell them out:

Revealing how misogynistic, antifeminist, antiWomanist men behave is part of my political work, and reporting men who threaten to kill women is important for anyone to do. Therefore, I'm placing your threatening statement here, with your contact information, where it might be seen by someone living in your part of Canada who can report and/or arrest you.

(That's not an invitation to go out on a date, in case you are still confused.)


  1. This guy goes by Madshangi on, and I can tellyou
    HE is an internet stalker, and a liar-not to mention a complete little-prick! Anyone who disagrees with him or his views are subjected to internet stalking from him, and being bombarded by all his little internet friends in personal e-mails, and comment pages with threats or stupid comments.
    He makes videos with nothing but lies, and once he see's that doesn't work to get your goad, he and his friends make channels dedicated to bashing and slandering that person! He is anti-woman, and I suspect him to be a closet queen.

  2. I'm not willing to give him the dignity of having a closet-kept crown (wink wink). Regardless, he definitely is a full-blown misogynist. Far more heterosexual men I know are virulent woman-haters than gay men, in my experience. Very few gay men I know actually display the many forms of misogynistic contempt that straight men seem all-too-willing to not only absorb culturally and exercise politically as gospel truths about womanity (read: humanity). But they display their convoluted "truths" in harmful and demeaning and dangerous ways to women directly and--pathetically and also destructively--when around other men.

    The fellow you're referring to shows his colors, or lack thereof, well. I consider him a fool--and not the good kind. It appears he's content to keep talking about himself in relation to strangely-imagined others. Viewers of his videos and readers of his writings can draw their own conclusions, as you have. Thanks for the comment.

  3. This is information about him, from 25 December 2008, according to Madshangi @ the "Blog of Shangi: The Mad Musings of the Madshangi", that is:



    * Age: 25
    * Gender: Male
    * Astrological Sign: Aquarius
    * Zodiac Year: Rat
    * Location: Calgary : Alberta : Canada


    * Movies
    * music
    * sex
    * politics
    * and a whole bunch of other crap.

    Favorite Movies

    * The Dark Knight
    * Taxi Driver
    * Batman Begins
    * Edward Scissorhands
    * eXistenX
    * Videodrome

    Favorite Music

    * Marilyn Manson
    * Nine Inch Nails
    * The Tragically Hip
    * Neil Young
    * The Doors

    Favorite Books

    * "Oryx and Crake" by Margaret Atwood
    * "Ghost of Chance" by William S. Burroughs
    * "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac

    My Blogs

    Team Members
    Blog of Shangi - The Mad Musings of the MadShangi
    Blogs I Follow
    Masculist Advice
    The Counter-Feminist
    The Existentialist Cowboy
    What Men Are Saying About Women.

    So it is that information, posted by him, that leads me to think this.

  4. These are the posts from that blog, and unless there's compelling reason to do so, such as proving Madshangi is not Patrick Doran of Canada, I don't plan to pay any attention to him. I haven't even read most of his posts about me, and don't have much reason to. Just note the language he uses in his last post, from February 2010 (bottom of this post, even if it is many parts).

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  5. I have had issues with him in the past. He constantly attacks me. I have never seen this "rap" he made, that's horrifying.

    it probably could be prosecutable, actually.
    his channel on YT has been suspended so many times - now he is known as officialmadshangi

    he searched himself and this came up - then some "anti misandry" bullshit, which is so ironic after reading that feminist "rap"

  6. Welcome pillhead-virgin,

    I hope you have reported him to all authorities. Thanks for letting me know of your encounters with the stupid and hateful jerk. I hope you never have to encounter him again.

    I'm trying, but he keeps writing to me.

  7. It's pretty terrifying, on some "Anti-Misandry" website there is some comment (not sure by who) saying that women need to be killed, terminated and destroyed. It was followed by "Men unite" and "We have our anthem" which was "fuck feminists" by shangi.


  8. Yes, and sadistic, while also utterly immature.

    Those boys are a bunch of losers in the game of humanity. Too bad for them.

  9. There's a user on youtube who is almost worse than Shangi - he's called me a "pale faced monkey bitch" and makes countless videos about how women lie about rape and how abused men are. He constantly makes videos called "Stupid Bitches" etc...He also has a disgusting foot fetish (that's besides the point, but it's seriously gross)

    His user name is BigBOSSC83Truth
    There's a whole group of these insanely violent woman hating males on youtube. I thought i would bring this particular user to your attention.

  10. I think there needs to be an organised response to the misogynist/antifeminist videos on YouTube.

    I don't spend much time on YouTube, and thanks for giving me the info on that disgusting excuse for a human being.