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When White Heterosexual Men Go Ballistic

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WARNING: THIS POST TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT WHITE HET MEN DO. And some of the details are grotesquely racist, virulently misogynistic, and generally fucked up as hell.

Preface: No, not ALL white het men. There are some wonderful and lovely white het men. I've known many of them and love many of them. The issue here is what white het men do, with institutional and systemic and governmental supports that no other demographic has in the West. And the issue is that for all the good WHM, they still don't organise to stop the atrocities that WHM commit. Sort of like "good Germans" not intervening to stop the Nazi Holocaust and claiming, "it wasn't my job". Whose job is, then? I hope the expectation isn't that only those oppressed, structurally, by WHM should be the ones to organise against the misogyny, racism, and homophobia that materially benefits WHM. End of preface.

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

In the beginning there was a world of diversity of populations of people living with the Earth in non-ecocidal ways. Those people didn't always get along, but also didn't try and completely destroy each other. And some of them got on just fine, being on the Earth with respect and reverence for Her. Some of those societies have managed to hang around quite peacefully for ten thousand years, thank you very much. Doing no damage at all to the Earth and committing no genocides in ALL THAT TIME.

Then a terrible thing happened called The Wonder and Glory of Western Civilisation and its accompanying man-infestation of a kind of being called the White Heterosexual Man. Colloquially, he is sometimes referred to as "The Man". As in "It's hard out there trying to get a decent wage from The Man."

If you don't know what happens next, well, it's called genocide and gynocide of epic and endemic proportions. Rape and/or possession of women as things became a pass-time and the wholesale political right of WHM. They wanted to fuck and control whoever they wanted, of whatever age and ethnicity. WHM in the U.S. projected their own crimes against white women onto Black men, lynching them for so much as looking at a white woman on the street. What was the consequence, though, of white plantation owners regularly raping their female slaves? Why, not a one of those WHM got lynched. You see how this works, right?

And Indigenous societies have been either wiped out or had many forms of  physical, geographic-environmental, spiritual, and cultural supports torn apart and appropriated. That I live in a country that cannot even see fit to change the name and symbol of the Cleveland Indians.We're talking about one fucking callous group of evil-ass white men.

Indigenous resistance and activism globally means the struggle is far from over. Western Civilisation as we know it cannot survive much longer, as it is so disgracefully and egregiously not sustainable in any sense.

Those non-industrialised people, of whatever ethnicity, who have maintained some if not all of their ways of living with/in an ecosystem and not over and against it, will survive. I can't tell you what color those people will be, but I can tell you I know of few white people who would last a month without electricity.

White Western Industrialised societies will not inherit the Earth, or what's left of Her when WHM are done using Her as if she weren't Life Itself.

A shout out of support to all Indigenous activists in Bolivia right now doing what is responsible to do: speaking out against corrupt WHM efforts to by-pass the necessity of honoring and praising the Earth as much as wealthy folks honor and praise their corrupt financial investment firms, Wall Street Criminals, and Tax Preparers who don't ever know about all those bank accounts in Switzerland. What? Who? Right you wealthy fuckers. And you put down women on welfare for "wasting your good tax dollars". First, you ain't even paying your share, because your corporation isn't listed as being on U.S. soil, and second, your biggest bucks are in that Swiss bank account. You know, those million dollar bonuses you get for driving mega-companies into bankruptcy? Yes, THE POOR and WORKING CLASS are CRIMINALLY WASTING YOUR money. Not even close to the truth of the matter, is it?

In the U.S., the poorest of the poor are Indigenous people living on reservations--plots of land portioned out by WHM to function as ghettos, just not in cities. And the poor are taking on the rich, the Indigenous are taking on the White, in Bolivia, as I type this. See *here* and *here* for much more on this activism against white het male supremacist capitalist atrocities. (Not just those two specific posts, but those blogs and the blogs and news websites they link to.) And the most raped population of women in the United Rapes of Amerikkka are Indigeous women. One in three. One in three. And over 80% of the rapists are, can you guess? White het men.

WHM get outraged by this kind of talk of them as a "them". I mean they get steaming mad. I mean downright "irrational". Furious. Histerical, even. Their notorious and acclaimed cool logical selfhood dissolves into a mouth-frothing mass of vengeful seething hatred. Thou Shalt Not Defame or Deride the White Heterosexual Man was apparently a Commandment that got hastily carved into stone tablet many centuries after Moses led slaves out of Egypt, circa 1441 BECD. (And please note: no one was white in Egypt... or Jerusalem, or the little town of Bethlehem.) That carving got done just after purging societies of Goddess worship and Earth-honoring religions. That's also when they began to organise as a group that would become WHM. The "W" doesn't technically arrive on the scene, as such, for a few more centuries, but shit's brewing. Read Yurugu, by Marimba Ani for the whole ugly story. WHM did this--they began to conquer people and land in fashions formerly unheard of. They invented "scalping", for example, but allow their U.S. history books to portray that as something the Indians did to them. I mean, how goddamned savage and unethical can you get? (Well, actually far more savage and far more unethical. For just a glimpse of the savagery, read *this*. That'll demonstrate how utterly sadistic and cruel they can be. But they won't like me calling them names like this. White het men are very, very touchy (emotionally immature and pathologically narcissistic-to-sociopathic, actually) about this matter of being "disrespected". 

So let's be clear about what WHM say, at this point. They say, "That is a grievously unfair mischaracterisation! They say, "ALL People are EQUAL!" So let's sum up: they pretend to value fairness and equality but only when it suits them. Because, in case you haven't been paying attention since white het men roamed too far around the world, it's been hell-on-Earth for everyone else. It's been a non-stop bloodbath. And I don't really have to educate you about this, as WHM are very comfortable speaking endlessly about their various and sundry conquests. Weapons of mass destruction are an entirely White Het Male invention. They funnel them into countries where darker-skinned people live, and enjoy the results: men of color killing each other and the women in their societies. Then WHMs come on TV in their calm and logical suits and tell us how "savage" and "dangerous" men of color are. That we make the majority of weapons that are used by us and are used by everyone else seems to be a point the media would just as soon have the masses forget. WHM created nuclear weapons and we may well have ended everything in the 1980s (US vs. USSR) had protesters worldwide not intervened. 

This is why WHM in the U.S. keep wanting its corporate media-soaked citizenry to believe nuclear technology is only in the hands of the Iraqis (or, oops!, guess not; sorry about that on-going war!!), the Iranians, and the Koreans. (Or, the vile variation, it is only DANGEROUS when in the hands of men of color. Because Lorde knows straightwhiteman have shown great wisdom and restraint when it comes to creating and using very toxic and very lethal weapons against masses of people who aren't WHM.) 

So there is upset and righteous indignation when any oppressed people speak ill of the WHMaster. Meanwhile, white het men demonise everyone else in order to make the perversely delusional case that  their own humanity is, indeed, superior. (See, they don't care about fairness or equality at all. It's a ruse.) 

White het men are in power. Let's just take a deep breath and accept just how horribly true that really is. Together: breathe in, hold, breathe out. Megacorporations rule the world, with various governments catering to their needs to find natural resources to suck up and turn a profit on. The latest bit of WHM hogwash is that Bill Gates and Richard Branson are going to propose, seriously, a kind of "solution" to the pollution problem. And guess what? It's not regulating the polluters! Nope, it's geo-engineering and nano-technology. Their going to shoot shit into the air, in clouds, onto the sea, and make life wonderful again, ignoring the fact that the polluters are still polluting, and profiting and pimping. Literally pimping children and women, enslaved and trafficked in one way or another, to meet the fucked-up sexual needs of WHM, purported to be entirely natural. I've one question, for now: if WHM are following an evolutionary or genetic path, why does internet pornography, which WHM flock to as if it were mother's milk, why do the pimps have women shave their crotches? What's "natural" and "in the service of our advancement as a species" about sexxxualising the appearance children's genitals but on women's bodies? Go ahead, evolutionary psychologist dude: explain that one to me. WHM pay bigger bucks to stick their dicks in virgin children, and the women who look like children, or not.

WHM claim to value "fairness" and being "unbiased", and claim radical feminists are anything but either. Let's have a glance at what one man has to say on this subject, with focus on music, misogyny, and racism.
Marilyn Manson declared that one of the aims of his provocative persona was to see how much it would take to get the moralists as mad at white artists as they got about 2LiveCrew. He said it took fake boobs, Satanism, simulated sex on stage, death and angst along with semi-explicit lyrics, to get the same screaming the 2LiveCrew got for one song. Manson thought this reaction was hypocritical and hilarious.
Other artists like Kid Rock have won commercial success easily and faced only minor battles with the FCC with songs such as: "F**k U Blind. Consider the lyrics of Kid Rock, whose piercing blend of hard rock, metal and misogyny has sold millions of records:

Now if you like the booty come on fellas show it
This is your last verse to wax so why would you blow it
And if the ladies if you are tired of a man on your fanny
Then f--k you go home and watch the tube with granny
...Just look at all the girls that are dying to get some
Man, just don't be a wussy
And I'll guarantee you could get a piece of p----

Likewise, consider the lyrics of the rock song "Anything Goes" from Guns ‘N Roses:

Panties 'round your knees
With your ass in debris
Doin' dat grind with a push and squeeze
Tied up, tied down, up against the wall
Be my rubbermade baby
An' we can do it all.''

The bad-boy, outlaw rockers have traditionally and consistently been marketed and packaged as misogynistic. Artists and groups such as David Lee Roth, Kid Rock, Metallica, Uncle Kracker, to name a few. Take note of the following list of rock groups and some of the albums and songs that they have released: American Dog (released an album in 2001 titled, Six Pack: Songs About Drinkin & F**kin), Big C*ck (released an album in 2005 titled: Year Of The C**k - with titles like Bad Motherf***er, Hard To Swallow & You Suck The Love Out Of Me) W.A.S.P. (released an album in 1983 titled: Animal: F**ks Like A Beast, an album in 1997 K.F.D.: Kill, F**k, Die), Faster Pussycat (released album in 1992 titled Whipped - with a song titled Loose Booty, 2001 titled: Between The Valley Of The Ultra P**sy, 2006 album titled: The Power Of The Glory Hole - with such titles as Porn Star and Shut Up & F**k), Lynch Mob (released an album in 2003 titled: Evil: Live - featuring the song (Tie Your Mother Down) and a compilation album released in 2003 titled C**k'N'Roll: The World's Sleaziest Rock Bands - displaying "hits" like: Dog Sh*t Boys - One Minute F**k, Sagger - The Closest I've Ever Come To F**king Myself and Hellside Stranglers - Motherf***ers Don't Cry.

In an article by Dana Williams titled, BEYOND RAP: Musical Misogyny, Ann Savage, associate professor of telecommunications at Butler University stated: "It's the repetitiveness of the messages, the repetitiveness of the attitudes, and it builds on people...." "People say rap is dangerous. Yes, rap music does have misogyny, but there has always been an objectification and misogyny against women in music," said Savage. "Yet we focus on the black artists, not the rockers and not even the white executives who are making the big money from this kind of music."

Savage further asserts that the race-based double standard applies to violent content in music as well. "There was the Eric Clapton remake of Marley's ‘I Shot the Sheriff,' and there was little to be said. But then you have the ‘Cop Killer' song by Ice-T and it's dangerous and threatening."

In this same article Cynthia Fuchs, an associate professor at George Mason University, affirmed that "the public seems far more disturbed by misogynistic lyrics in the music of rap and hip hop artists who are largely black than similar lyrics in rock music, perceived by most as a white genre."

"The flamboyance of rock is understood as performance, rather than from the perspective of personal feelings," said Fuchs, who teaches courses in film and media studies, African American studies and cultural studies. "These guys are seen as innocuous. They appear to be players in the fence of accumulating women in skimpy costumes, but they aren't necessarily seen as violent. The mainstream takes it (hip hop and rap) to represent real-life, so it's seen as more threatening than some of the angry, whiney white boy rock, even though the same messages and images are portrayed."

Moreover, in a piece titled C*ck Rock from the October 21-November 3, 2003 edition of the online music magazine Perfect Pitch, it was revealed that when the Hustler founder and entrepreneur Larry Flynt wanted to combine the worlds of porn (the ultimate god of misogyny) and music he did not turn to rap, but rather to rock. It was stated that since porn has been mainstreamed, they wanted a more "contemporary" look - and when they looked for a contemporary look, did they seek out the likes of Nelly, Chingy, 50 Cent or Ludacris? No. Rock legend Nikki Sixx was chosen to "grace" the cover of Hustler's new venture along with his adult-entertainment and former Baywatch star girlfriend Donna D'Errico wearing nothing but a thong and Sixx's arms.

It is my belief that this paradigm; this unjust paradox exists because of the media stereotypes of black men as more violence-prone, and media's disproportionate focus on black crime (which is confused with the personas that rappers adopt), contribute to the biased treatment of rap. The double standard applied to rap music makes it easier to sell the idea that "gangsta rap" is "more" misogynist, racist, violent and dangerous than any other genre of music. However, I believe that bell hooks conceptualized it best in her essay Sexism and Misogyny: Who Takes the Rap?: "To the white dominated mass media, the controversy over gangsta rap makes great spectacle. Besides the exploitation of these issues to attract audiences, a central motivation for highlighting gangsta rap continues to be the sensationalist drama of demonizing black youth culture in general and the contributions of young black men in particular. It is a contemporary remake of ‘Birth of a Nation' only this time we are encouraged to believe it is not just vulnerable white womanhood that risks destruction by black hands but everyone."

Part of the allure of gangsta or hardcore rap to the young person is its (however deplorable) explicitness. The gangsta rapper says "bitches" and "hos," defiantly and frankly (once again... deplorable) and that frankness strikes a chord. However, it is not the first time that a young man or woman has seen society "treat" women like "bitches" and "hos." Like mother's milk, the American male in this country has been "nourished" on a constant diet of subtle messages and notions regarding female submission and inferiority and when he is weaned, he begins to feed on the meat of more exploitative mantras and images of American misogyny long before he ever pops in his first rap album into his CD player. Young people, for better or worse, are looking for and craving authenticity. Now, because this quality is in such rare-supply in today's society, they gravitate towards those who appear to be "real" and "true to the game." Tragically, they appreciate the explicitness without detesting or critically deconstructing what the person is being explicit about.

There have been many who have said that even with Imus gone from the airwaves, the American public in general and the Black community in particular will still be inundated by the countless rap lyrics using derogatory and sexist language, as well as the endless videos displaying women in various stages of undress - and this is true.

However, by that same logic, if we were to rid the record stores, the clubs and the iPods of all misogynistic hip-hop, we would still have amongst us the corporately-controlled and predominantly white-owned entities of Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and Hooters. We would still have the reality TV shows, whose casts are overwhelmingly white, reveling in excessive intoxication and suspect sexual mores. If misogynistic hip-hop was erased from American life and memory today, tomorrow my e-mail box and the e-mail boxes of millions of others would still be barraged with links to tens of thousands of adult entertainment web sites. We would still have at our fingertips, courtesy of cable and satellite television, porn-on-demand. We would still be awash in a society and culture that rewards promiscuity and sexual explicitness with fame, fortune and celebrity (reference Anna Nicole, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears).

And most hypocritically, if we were to purge the sexist and lewd lyrics from hip-hop, there would still be a multitude of primarily white bands and principally-white musical genres generating song after song glorifying sexism, misogyny, violence and lionizing male sexuality and sexual conquest.
Originally appeared in Black Agenda Report. Author: Dr. Edward Rhymes (2007) [source: *here*]

A relatively new friend of mine, a Black South African man, is despondent over not being able to find employment while his white "brothers" there can, more often and with far less difficulty. Is that too anecdotal for you? (Funny, the WHMs whip out their anecdotes quickly when it serves them: they'll find that animals species that has sexually aggressive males and tell you rape is therefore inevitable in human het males too... naturally. (More of that impressive WHM logic.) But they still can't explain the pimp-enforced shaved genital areas of women. 

It's a funny bunch, the WHMs. They have so much power but if any little bit of it is threatened, they go ballistic, figuratively and literally.

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To be emphatically clear:
It's not the paleness or the maleness that causes WHM supremacy. This is not a phenomenon caused by chromosomes, genes, hormones, and anatomy.

It's the structuring into society an ideology that says there is such a thing as whiteness. This ideology states that various physical characteristics, which can vary, determine who is and is not white; at one time Southern Europeans weren't quite white, but currently in the U.S. they are. But the characteristics are infused with political meaning, value, status, privilege, and power over and against all "non-white" people.

Because it is constructed on a house of cards, not on nature, those who have a strong "white" identity" get VERY uneasy when they think "white people are disappearing". And they feel and behave as if racicalised whiteness must be militantly defended at all costs. 

Similarly, manhood is not about biology, although its defenders link to various things in science and "nature" to try and prove it is as fixed and unchanging as stone. But "manhood", like whiteness, is systemically embedded political concept. One has to believe there is such a thing as "manhood" and load into that concept various attributes and methods of demonstrating "proof" that one is a "real man". In actual global reality, "manhood" is defined differently depending on culture, region, age, and era. Usually, however, it is posed as "distinctly (and biologically) not woman" as well as "the gender that is superior and exists to have dominion over and against all beings deemed 'not manly' or 'too womanly'. It is strongly associated with "being heterosexually manly".

This means that young boys, all girls, all women, trans people, intersex people, and gay men are all targets for men's desire to possess, control, or kill. Lesbian women are as well, in part for threatening, in the WHM supremacist imagination, to "take manhood" from men, which includes "desire for women" which het men want sole claim to. WHM supremacists dislike lesbianism and lesbians unless it is appropriated as existing for het men. WHM are very upset by the idea--whether or not it is reality--of lesbian separatism. WHM supremacists cannot conceive that women choosing to be only with women ISN'T rooted in "man-hating". WHM cannot conceive of "woman-centered living" not being driven by "anti-man sentiments" and "bad experiences with men". This includes judgment of all men who value women as equals as being "p*ssy-whipped". That het men keep one another dick-whipped is not something men discuss publicly or privately.

White het manhood is racially and patriarchally protected and proclaimed superior to all womanly and "dark"   beings. White is light; light is good; and good is God, in these scheme. Black is dark; dark is bad; and bad is evil and earthly. To be a woman is to be seen as tied to the Earth in a way white men are not. The Devil fled or was purged from the sky (God's primary residence) into the fiery center of the Earth, Satan's domain, where all bad people are alleged to go to burn for eternity. WHM supremacist theologies work off of racist and misogynist beliefs, in very essential ways. 

WHManhood, then, is about the fostering, development, maintenance, and systematic enforcement of false and dangerous ideas encoded into social, religious, and economic political practices. It is done or inflicted, more than it just "is". It needs social systems and interpersonal practices that degrade women and people of color to have the meaning it does. Without those practices and systems, it ceases to have meaning.

Another thing that makes WHM ballistic is when they are referred to as "one thing", like "a group with common political interests and behavioral patterns". So you might assume they don't value "stereotyping" and "lumping a whole demographic together AND ascribing unpleasant characteristics to them". You'd be wrong: they make lots of money and maintain a lot of privileges and entitlements by doing precisely that to everyone else: white women, Asian women, Black women, Native American women, Latinas, Arabs, and when they're Christian--and in the U.S. and Europe and Australia, most of 'em are--they also make Jews out to be "one thing, with unpleasant characteristics". White Christian Het Men are well-known for their mistreatment of the Jews. Why, they almost succeeded in wiping Jews off the face of the Earth. Those WHMs who hate being misunderstood and mischaracterised have a larger-than-cottage-industry in turning everyone else into a menace or a fetish-genre that must be harmed, in some way: degraded, humiliated, exploited, and killed. Just look at what WHM pimps make and sell. Have you been to a porn store or pornography website lately? (If you're a WHM you sure have!) Note all the categories of "dehumanised people" and how WHMs are THE ONLY DEMOGRAPHIC not mistreated as such, unless, of course, some WHMs want to be mistreated.

Nothing happens to WHMs that they don't want to have happen, which is why Black, Queer, and Women's Liberation movements are terribly frightening and threatening to them.

The Bossman Tea Party is just one in a series of charades perpetuating the myth that the most powerful do not have any power at all. And WHMs are the first ones to tell any other demographic "oh stop your whining and playing the victim!!!"

Why don't you try that advice on for size, WHMs? And instead of blaming other for what you do, why don't you call each other out, challenge each other to be humane, and stop acting out your privileges and entitlements in such gruesome and horrific ways? If you can organise and focus your rage at living and dead feminists, surely you can organise against and work to stop what you WHM do that is so much worse than anything anyone has ever imagined and done, except you.