Wednesday, December 30, 2009

imagining more, and wanting nothing less

[image of Earth is from here]

All of what follows has been deeply informed, radically so, by many, many women. This is written in gratitude to all women who fight for radical justice and liberatory freedom as they define it.

I often think beyond the way things are to begin to imagine something else. Something, a world let's say, or many worlds, all here, where rape is unknown to anybody who is female. Where rape is unknown period. Where genocides are not occurring, nor is the destruction of the Earth-centered biosphere. Where whiteness is gone, replaced by hundreds of smaller ethnic groups, kind of like how things were before whiteness appeared on Earth a few hundred years ago or so. (There were pale people, just not WHITE people.) Where manhood, should it exist, is not understood oppositionally or in hierarchical relationship to womanhood, should it exist. Where transgendered people have more options. Where intersex people feel just fine thank you very much, for being who they are, as they are. Where lesbianism and asexuality is celebrated, where heterosexism is no more.

The "First" World has collapsed and disintegrated, and Indigenous populations, or Fourth World, flourish once again. The "Third" World is not ruled in any way by the Corporate Trade agreements or a World Bank or an International Monetary Fund, because there are no money economies, and capitalism died to never wake up again. A world where non-human animals species thrive instead of becoming extinct. Rain forests will have grown back, taking up more space than they ever did. A world where air and water, everywhere, is clear and free. A world where anything not fully organically sustainable is gone. Ecosystems return, as does the soil, untouched by whitemanmade pollutants and poisons.

I know about the half-life of man-made radioactive waste, so this vision is not one I'm expecting to see in 2010 ECD.

Palestinians are free from Israeli rule and occupation and will have a safe and sustainable homeland. And Jews will not find anti-Semitism anywhere on Earth.

There are no white Christian missionaries, anywhere on Earth. As John Shelby Spong has recommended and predicted, this religion--white Christianity--will have radically changed, or died. And the U.S., finally, will have gotten out of North America.

Europe's strangling grip on many parts of Africa will be no more, including their flow of munitions into the continent.

English is not a universal language; Indigenous languages are regionally spoken, fluently. European languages have found their way back to Europe and stay there.

There are no slaves, no human beings trafficked for "sex" or trapped in "labor", again, because predatory and possessive manhood is no more, and there's no money.

There's no poverty, no middle class, and no "rich" people, as capitalists currently define that term.

And no HIV or AIDS. Control of women's and girls bodies in any way, at any time in their lives, will belong to women and girls--to each their own.

No sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, or spiritual abuse of children. No marriage, no need for abortion and no compulsory motherhood. No unwanted and uncared for human babies or non-human "pets". Should people have "pets" those people will not be their owners, but rather their care-givers, their "people".

A world where Yanar Mohammed, Ruchira Gupta, Audre Lorde, Andrea Dworkin, Jessica Yee, and Jackie Huggins and hundreds of thousands of women worldwide, whose names are  internationally unknown, will be understood and spoken about with admiration, as amazing humanitarian activists, for working so hard to liberate women and girls from men's learned evil, to end white supremacy, and to promote Indigenism.

Stories will be shared in ways that are valued and understood as "not Factual" but deeply Truthful.

A world where white heterosexist manhood does not exist anywhere on Earth. That's what I'm aiming for.

That's the world I want. Imagine that!

Alice Walker's Open Letter to Tiger Woods

[This image of Alice Walker is from here, and the photographer is Andrea Roth.]
An excerpt:
As your elder, I support you in your effort to try to crash out of a life that you had outgrown. And I feel compassion for your loved ones who must be as confused and hurt as you feel yourself. It is easy to see how hurt you are feeling by looking into your eyes, which I have recently done (via You Tube) in an effort to see how you, on a soul level, a heart level, are. Sometimes we feel crashing out of a life, by any means necessary, means we are done with life itself. The truth is that we’re only done with the life that no longer feels worth living. That is why we must bear the suffering until it begins to ease, and life shows us the possibility of a new direction. Is this the case with you?

The whole post is here at her blog.

For every incested, molested, and raped child: YOU are A Beautiful Child, and your soul is older than any of these small goddamned hills

Men who buy sex: Who they buy and what they know

They don't tend to identify themselves as such. They get to be anonymous, the procuring bastards. Unless they are caught and photographed for committing a crime. Here is an image of the renowned anti-prostitution procurer of women in prostitution, former governor of the state of New York, Eliot Spitzer.
[image is from here]

Consider the following statements made by men who buy sex from women. Consider the political function of secrecy. These men will say what they do, even when they know that what they do is criminal or abusive, and won't speak unless they are anonymous for this survey. Why do men get to keep secrets on how they use and abuse women? When did that policy come into effect among men? Why do men keep each other's secrets? There's only one two reasons I'm aware of:

1. Fear of retribution from the men whose secrets they tell
2. They want the same entitlements, they want to be able to act out in the same misogynist/racist/classist/heterosexist ways, and ratting out their friends and colleagues makes it less likely they will get to "enjoy" the same privileges that come with "being a man". To the men who purchase women for sex: go fuck yourselves (instead).

From the report: 

The men were assured of anonymity. They were met in a public place and told they were not expected to give their names to anyone working on the research project and that if they used a real name, then that would not be used to identify them in the research protocols. Some men disclosed that they would not have participated if they were identified. For example, “I haven’t ever told anyone I have been to a prostitute, and I never will. It is like a dirty secret,” and also “It is something that I would not reveal, I am talking to you because you are a stranger.” A third man stated that in conversations with others, “I’d never let on I know anything about it.”
 [Also from the report, except everything in bold and in brackets was written by me, in direct response to what these procuring motherfuckers say:]

“Prostitution is like masturbating without having to use your hand.” [And taking you out would be like killing someone except there'd be no human life lost.]

“It’s like renting a girlfriend or wife. You get to choose like a catalogue.” [And, somewhat unlike having--not renting a girlfriend or wife, she doesn't get to choose.]

“I feel sorry for these girls but this is what I want.” [Wow. You should get nominated for some humanitarian prize, for that statement alone. I mean, the compassion it must take to say something like that, out loud and all! It's just amazing. Hmmm: For all you straight men who are into "restraint" you might try restraining yourselves from purchasing human beings for what you call "sex". Wouldn't THAT be a turn-on, huh??]

“No big deal, it’s just like getting a beer.” [Except you can't give a beer HPV that causes cervical cancer, or herpes, or HIV which kills poor people. And you don't make beers suck your dick.]

“I like it if it’d be super expensive…she comes in, nothing said and she is instantly very sexual, a sexual creature.” [As opposed to you, who are just doing a damn good impression of a soulless creature.]

“My favourite experience in prostitution was when she was totally submissive.” [I wish you were into being dominated, and that she'd handcuff you to a bed, smack your fucking face, and leave you there to rot.]

“I don’t like the ones that make no secret of it being a job. I like customer care. They try to finish quickly but I want to take a little bit of time.” [I wish the could take a little bit of time to carefully take your photo and put it up on a website of procurers, purchasers, and pimps of women.]

“I have sex as a means to an end to meet my sexual needs… It’s a financial transaction.” [It's a political transaction, more than it is anything else.]

“I found her on p[changedbyJulian] and she looked at me with the look of a puppy dog in the Christmas window.” [Does that mean she can treat your dick like a dog's chew toy? I hope someone does. Because wouldn't that just be adorable, like puppies in a Christmas window?]

“Look, men pay for women because he can have whatever and whoever he wants. Lots of men go to prostitutes so they can do things to them that real women would not put up with. [I wish they'd blow your fucking brains out.]

“If you go to the wrong one, you might as well be in a morgue, there’s a slab of flesh there.” [Yeah, it's really too bad some of these women don't have more strength, to strangle you until you're a slab of flesh.]

“We’re living in the age of instant coffee, instant food. This is instant sex.” [Which explains nothing about why your grandfathers and great grandfathers purchased women similarly when there was no instant coffee or instant food.]

“Prostitution is a last resort to unfulfilled sexual desires. Rape would be less safe, or if you’re forced to hurt someone or if you’re so frustrated you jack off all day.” [Rape would be less safe for... oh, you mean for YOU. Of course. And if "you're forced to hurt someone"? How does that happen, exactly? Has the pimp got a gun to your head? You poor dear--why just the thought of you having to jack off all day, and not be able to rape or abuse a woman in order to get off. Why, it's just so... so sad.]

“Prostitution is being able to do what you want without the taxation.” [Prostitution is men being able to do what they want to women because men are all too willing to be pricks instead of people.]

”It’s no strings attached sex, no bother about buying gifts, it’s a one off financial commitment.” [It's a commitment to being inhumane. And the strings are attached. You just can't see them. But if and when she gets out of the life, you'll be among those who contributed to her PTSD and shattered self-image. You give her the gift of your callousness and cruelty; I hope she gives it right back to you.]
“It should be legalised over here. This is the way God created us. It is being human. If you don’t have a partner then you have to go to a prostitute.” [If it's human, and the way God created "us" then why aren't you allowing men to ejaculate all over and inside of you?]

“It’s unfulfilling, there’s no reward. It’s empty. It’s terrible. You come out feeling even more empty and unloved. You will likely feel quite empty afterwards, as if you have been used.” [Without an ounce of comprehension that you just used someone as a thing. And if you're looking for love, don't expect to find it from someone you treat like a thing.]

“Prostitution is like being able to masturbate without doing any of the work.” [Because we all know how utterly strenuous and difficult it is for those who can masturbate to do so. Why, you might even burn some calories! Eh, why bother, when you can treat another human being like a thing, right? And who taught you how to be human?]

“You pay for the convenience, a bit like going to a public loo.” [For her, way too much like that, yes. Getting pissed on and all. For you, not so much, depending on what you do at a public loo, of course.]

“I hugely recommend it but be sure you know there’s a threshold you’ll be crossing. Prostitution is naturally questionable, whether it’s to yourself or to society.” [It's clearly not naturally questionable, or more men would question purchasing and renting women for "sex". And apparently the question you're not asking is why the hell do you think you have a goddamned right to buy or rent anyone for "sex"?]

[What follows is a link to a pdf document, which is a new report/study on men who rent and purchase women who they use and abuse, as their form of "sex", with varying levels of consciousness that that's exactly what they are doing. It's not happy reading. -- Julian]

Men who buy sex
Who they buy and what they know

A research study of 103 men who describe their use of trafficked and non-trafficked women in prostitution, and their awareness of coercion and violence.
Melissa Farley, Julie Bindel and Jacqueline M. Golding
December 2009
Eaves, London
Prostitution Research & Education, San Francisco