Wednesday, December 30, 2009

imagining more, and wanting nothing less

[image of Earth is from here]

All of what follows has been deeply informed, radically so, by many, many women. This is written in gratitude to all women who fight for radical justice and liberatory freedom as they define it.

I often think beyond the way things are to begin to imagine something else. Something, a world let's say, or many worlds, all here, where rape is unknown to anybody who is female. Where rape is unknown period. Where genocides are not occurring, nor is the destruction of the Earth-centered biosphere. Where whiteness is gone, replaced by hundreds of smaller ethnic groups, kind of like how things were before whiteness appeared on Earth a few hundred years ago or so. (There were pale people, just not WHITE people.) Where manhood, should it exist, is not understood oppositionally or in hierarchical relationship to womanhood, should it exist. Where transgendered people have more options. Where intersex people feel just fine thank you very much, for being who they are, as they are. Where lesbianism and asexuality is celebrated, where heterosexism is no more.

The "First" World has collapsed and disintegrated, and Indigenous populations, or Fourth World, flourish once again. The "Third" World is not ruled in any way by the Corporate Trade agreements or a World Bank or an International Monetary Fund, because there are no money economies, and capitalism died to never wake up again. A world where non-human animals species thrive instead of becoming extinct. Rain forests will have grown back, taking up more space than they ever did. A world where air and water, everywhere, is clear and free. A world where anything not fully organically sustainable is gone. Ecosystems return, as does the soil, untouched by whitemanmade pollutants and poisons.

I know about the half-life of man-made radioactive waste, so this vision is not one I'm expecting to see in 2010 ECD.

Palestinians are free from Israeli rule and occupation and will have a safe and sustainable homeland. And Jews will not find anti-Semitism anywhere on Earth.

There are no white Christian missionaries, anywhere on Earth. As John Shelby Spong has recommended and predicted, this religion--white Christianity--will have radically changed, or died. And the U.S., finally, will have gotten out of North America.

Europe's strangling grip on many parts of Africa will be no more, including their flow of munitions into the continent.

English is not a universal language; Indigenous languages are regionally spoken, fluently. European languages have found their way back to Europe and stay there.

There are no slaves, no human beings trafficked for "sex" or trapped in "labor", again, because predatory and possessive manhood is no more, and there's no money.

There's no poverty, no middle class, and no "rich" people, as capitalists currently define that term.

And no HIV or AIDS. Control of women's and girls bodies in any way, at any time in their lives, will belong to women and girls--to each their own.

No sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, or spiritual abuse of children. No marriage, no need for abortion and no compulsory motherhood. No unwanted and uncared for human babies or non-human "pets". Should people have "pets" those people will not be their owners, but rather their care-givers, their "people".

A world where Yanar Mohammed, Ruchira Gupta, Audre Lorde, Andrea Dworkin, Jessica Yee, and Jackie Huggins and hundreds of thousands of women worldwide, whose names are  internationally unknown, will be understood and spoken about with admiration, as amazing humanitarian activists, for working so hard to liberate women and girls from men's learned evil, to end white supremacy, and to promote Indigenism.

Stories will be shared in ways that are valued and understood as "not Factual" but deeply Truthful.

A world where white heterosexist manhood does not exist anywhere on Earth. That's what I'm aiming for.

That's the world I want. Imagine that!


  1. That's quite a vision and reminds me of how the Kingdom of God should look like.I think that it will happen someday but I fear it will take many generations to get their.I'm a "white" Christian but don't think like the majority of Christians do.Their are others like me and though we have little influence now ideas are power and what is fringe now will someday become mainstream.
    I just finished reading a book by Margaret Barker
    called the Lost Prophet, a book about Enoch.Enoch offers an alternative creation myth which doesn't blame women for original sin.It is a book about the abuse of power, how the Nephylym raped and exploited women,manufactured weapons of war and how this and other things disrupted the community as a whole.The abuse of knowledge was the original sin.Both the church and Judaism would later declare this book heretical except for a group of Christians in Ethiopia.It's a good read and I think relevant to the modern world.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks so much for your comment and response. I'll link to her/the book here. Sounds great. Thank you for letting me know about it!

    I am deeply grateful to all those Christians who stand in opposition to misogyny, heterosexism, and white supremacy. And I know you are out there and are leaving the churches to find more spiritual communities that deal with social justice issues.