Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Broch Tzu Columbus! End Columbus Day and the Rapist, Racist, Genocidal White Male Supremacist Society it Annually Rides in on

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Columbus Day

From Wikipedia, First Landing of Columbus on the Shores of the New World, after the painting by Discoro

What would Amerikkka be without rape, slavery, and genocide? And I don't only mean rape, slavery, and genocide from the past. I also mean what's going on presently that WHM supremacist corporate politicians and corporate media and the followers of each will not speak about even with something called "freedom of speech" and "freedom of the press".

From my 11 October 2009 ECD post:

The Rapist Savage: Christopher Columbus, First Known White Man to Organise the Sexual Slavery of Girls and Women in the Americas

At the beginning and very end of this blogpost are images that ought to be seen on Monday, 12 October, 2009 ECD. And every other day too.

I have seen a poster and t-shirt with this statement many times, but never before now with women in the image as warriors. This image is GREAT, but when will it become reality? When will this land belong once again only to the people of the Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island?:

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