Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remembering George Harrison (25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001)

Thanks, Cara. Your post reminded me to post Something too.

I miss you, George.

What I Hate and Love about Men

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It is always a strange thing to me that privileged white heterosexual men seem to think that one can only have one set of feelings about them--that one either loves them or one hates them. Is this what individual WHM feel about themselves, I wonder? Is this what they feel about people who are not them?

Life has never been so simple, in my experience. (Maybe that is because I'm gay, or maybe because this gay man, like all others, is fully human.) Nor, especially, has the matter of loving men and receiving love from men been simple. Relating to men for me is virtually never a matter of "hate or love". It's a matter of what is honest and what is not, what is exploitive and what is not, what is respectful and what is not, what is caring and what is not, what is harmful and what is not, what is oppressive and what is not. I don't know why white heterosexual men cannot get that.

To read the post which goes into this issue in far more detail, click on the following quote: I love men's humanity, and I hate men's inhumanity. -- Julian Real