Sunday, July 4, 2010

Reconsider maintaining Columbus Day as a Holiday. Let's replace it with an International Day of Honoring Turtle Island's Indigenous Heroes Protecting the Borders and Fighting Terrorism since 1492

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The following video is posted on YouTube and is titled Reconsider Columbus Day.

The Original Illegal Aliens (aka Paliens): A Story about the Lie of U.S. Independence and the Invaders Who Took Possession of this Land By Any Means Necessary

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[Two introductory notes: 
This post is not about this Independence Day.
Post script regarding the term "paliens" was added on 7 July 2010 ECD. With gratitude to Malik Diamond.]

It is called "Independence Day", with the belief that it refers to the young, brash youthful men breaking free of British royal rule to become "a more perfect union", a collection of states that would be named The United States of America. No more taxes going to the Queen. Hurray!

The actual story is a tad less celebratory and might be called a predator's idea of perfection. The U.S. story has always been oversimplified, and any tales about our independence leave a lot to white men's imagination, which white men call "the definitive and absolutely accurate telling of our history". White men are known for many things. One thing they are renowned for doing is casting themselves in the best light, meaning in a light that could blind the sighted with dangerous levels of infrared ignorance and ultraviolet arrogance. But let's turn down the dial on that inglorious glow and look around at who else is in the area.

As you know, the story begins with someone named Christopher Columbus. He is commonly referred to as a hero, or "great man", or one awesome adventurist. What he actually was known for was being a slaver, a serial rapist, and the inventor of the sexual trafficking of girls. So why is there a national holiday for a predator pimp, a mass murderer, a sadistic slaver, and an incredibly terrifying tourist? That has to do with who gets to tell history at Independence Day festivities, from Main Street Patriotic Parades to College Campus's Open Mic nights--and be believed. Needless to say, the descendants of his victims--those who survived, of course--don't get to the stage nor to the mic. And if they try, there are police officers in the wings--snipers, in other words--who will use any means necessary to off the party poopers if they try and speak truth to power too much and too often.

Colonial U.S. was comprised of Puritan patriarchs and other alien men from the UK and Europe. They sat down with Indians once upon a time, and it's been a bloodbath ever since. A sign should have been erected up and down the East Coast saying "Please DON'T FEED the European Animals!" Because these homo sapiens were extremely dangerous--because they weren't gay. To this day, you might not want to pat their heads even if they look friendly.

Talk about a high tab for feeding the hungry! Talk about a group of immigrant ingrates! Talk about greedy welfare cases! They only stopped needing Indigeous hand-outs once they had their systems of slavery set up. Then there was a steady stream of cash flowing from Europe for the resources these illegals stole, had slaves produce, and sold to royalty back home, with profits never making it to those slaves. Whips and rapes were white men's payment for services rendered.

White men have always been beholden to slaves from West Africa and the Indigenous people of the Nations of Turtle Island. This used to be land of extraordinary diversity. The "melting pot" or "salad bowl" or whatever kitchen metaphor you prefer, wasn't a fantastic creation of the White Man. He's only ever wanted darker-skinned people under his lash of six feet under his feet. If female, his M.O. was to take possession, refuse to educate, not allow to vote, forcibly sterilise, institutionalise, incest, rape, sell, and kill.

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave came to an atrocious halt when the male "pale-ians"* arrived invaded, forcibly making millions homeless (and graveless) from the Atlantic to the Pacific, torturing. Their methods included enslaving, lynching, and raping millions more Black people sadistically shuttled in shackles across the increasingly red sea. Talk about ruling "by any means necessary"!

Way more than 50 sovereign nations existed here, not as states with definitively mapped and militarily defended boundaries. The original human inhabitants may not have lived in perfect harmony and peace but they weren't racist genocidalists, non-stop wealthy warmongers, serial rapists, or traffickers in girls, and they did live sustainably with the land. They didn't proselytize and promulgate Christian-capitalist nuclear families, they practiced family planning, took care of their elderly, and practiced community values without freaking out and stupidly thinking it was "communism". They didn't want or need an oppressive form of heteropatriarchy regulating and ruling all societies. They didn't issue annual reports of the newest "endangered species" because there weren't destroying animals to the point of extinction. And they weren't dependent on wage and sex slavery, racist warfare, and environmental ecocide to boost a sagging economy, because didn't have one economy and they had a Great Spirit before which no man was greater.

Non-whites were the original "We-The-People" here. And for any descendants who have lived to this day, they are far less free now than The People were before the White Man brought a bible to sell his evidently spiritless soul to those he conquered with Christianity and many forms of disease and corruption formerly unknown. The lie of the White Man is that he is free of those slaves and those he rapes and murders: he needs them precisely as much as they DON'T need him.

White men didn't discover anything other than the fact that European men were, as always, terrible with directions, thinking they'd landed on the coast of India. To once again bring freedom to this land, in a white male sky-god we must not trust. Nor in capitalism, socialism, or any other monetary economy. Heteropatriarchal Western Civilisation is not all it's cracked up to be by white het men; and it never has been.

Sound crazy to you? What's crazier, more cruel, more callous, and more corrupt than what the White Het Man's social and religious institutions, political and economic systems, including his queer-bashing churches and sea-trashing corporations has done to humanity and the Earth and its other inhabitants? Name one thing that's worse than all that.

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(Contraction for pale aliens.)
A very improper noun, plural form.
The currently termed "white" incredibly dangerous predatory invaders, typically in the form of men, who come to places they think are "new", as in the "The New World" and plunder and pillage their way to dominance--not moral or ethical dominance, just physical, brutal, savage dominance. They accomplish this in part by forcibly infusing their ways of being into all who they encounter, with a New Testament Bible in one hand, and a sword or cannon or an army, navy, marines, and air force in the other. Locally, they may utilise a police force and taser, billy club, and gun, to subdue any perceived enemies. Oddly, paliens are unable to realise the greatest threat to their own humanity and being is EACH OTHER.

Paliens pretend that the poor have more power than the rich to steal and cheat the government, that people of color have more power than whites to take over land masses, including the Earth, that women have more power than men to run and regulate social and political institutions and commit domestic violence, and that white men are a persecuted minority. They are profoundly delusional and self-absorbed, as ignorant as they are arrogant, and are relentlessly driven to rape and/or murder anything or any one that gets in their way of taking over the entire planet. Beware of them, at all costs.

An appropriate use of this term is to be found in this sentence by Malik Diamond: "Last night I had to leave a party because it was full to bursting with rich, lifeless paliens."

Malik and Julian are discussing a possible screenplay and are considering the following actor for the featured role: Mel Gibson, with these performers in supporting roles: Bill O'Reilly and John Mayer.