Sunday, January 23, 2011

Calling All Activists--Across Africa, Asia, the Pacific Island nations, the Caribbean, the continents of the Americas, Australia, and Europe: I Welcome You to Share what You're Doing to Challenge and Stop Men's Domination of Women. Here.

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I am writing to ask women (or anyone else) the world over who are working to end male supremacy, male dominance, and men's abuses of women and girls to promote their activism here, if doing so would be helpful to their efforts.

Please post your actions, report your notices, news, and events, and allow other women to be inspired and encouraged by the work you are doing.

And men who are working with accountability to womanist and feminist activists, please let me know what you're doing.

I'm hoping that seeing what people are doing the world over will serve to support other women whether people in activist groups or people who are working in their own lives to resist patriarchal atrocities and abuses as best they can.

My hope is that the network of women working to end male domination grows, and gets stronger and stronger. And that people in various parts of the world can make lasting connections, build sustainable communities, regain stolen land and resources, grow healthy food, make streets, neighborhoods, and homes safe, and increase the support you have for the difficult and wonderful work you are doing.

You may post comments to this blog or send me an email with any information you'd like me to share here. The address is:

To all women working to resist and transform patriarchal societies into woman-respecting humane ones: Thank you.