Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beware the White Het Men Who Come to Japan To Help: Watch out for procuring and predation, Girls and Women

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This is submitted as a guest post from vluk, a friend and commenter to this blog.
It has been quite a heartbreaking time having to watch so much suffering caused by two earthquakes this year, first in New Zealand and now in Japan.
I was glad when watching the news, Britain has agreed to send rescue workers and doctors like they did with New Zealand.
On Sky News we saw these rescue workers been interviewed and boarding the plan.  The fact that everyone of them were white males did not at that time cause me to even bat an eyelid.  When people are dying and suffering you certainly don't discuss things like that.
Then I came upon this article which really concerns me.
It points out how prostitution has sky rocked in Christchurch.  With all these rescue workers, fireMEN, ploliceMEN etc coming from countries like Australia, UK and the USA they are all making use of prostitutes after a days work.
As the media is dominated and controlled by white males the article gives the impression that this whole affair is actually quite funny.
There are many non-white girls (and I use the term girls because many of them are underage) who have been forced in to prostitution against their will.  These girls are been raped by these white male rescue workers, firemen, policemen etc.
I found this horrifying.  After an earthquake people are at their most vulnerable, these white males come in as heroes to save the day but end up raping the local girls.
Now when I think back to that Sky News report about all those white males going to help Japan, how many of them will use the opportunity to rape local women and girls.  And when they get back to the UK they will be seen as heroes.
These white males have so many privileges and yet see nothing wrong with going into another country and causing their citizens even more grief when they are at their most vulnerable.


  1. Thank you vluk for highlighting the issue of so-called 'rescue workers' being sent to New Zealand to assist in the rescue work and yet at the same time deliberately raping and sexually exploiting New Zealand women and girls.

    According to the news report these male rescue workers claimed they were 'stressed out and they need to get some stress relief.' So that makes it okay then does it boys? You are so stressed that you consider it your male sex right to purchase women and girls in order to rape and use them as your disposable masturbatory aids. No need to ask yourselves if you are causing these women PTSD or even 'stress' by your sexual demands. After all you boys are supposedly heroes not white Johns deliberately sexually exploiting and raping women and girls.

    So boys what about women who experience daily immense stress from being routined subjected to male sexual harassment and the constant threat of male sexual violence? How about you boys consider what you are doing to these women and girls survivors rather than claiming 'you are all stressed out.' No one forced you to go to New Zealand to undertake rescue work but you made the free choice because you knew there would be an opportunity for you to rape and sexually exploit women and girls living in these countries.

    Why do you boys consider it your right to dehumanise women and girls because you believe you are entitled to subject innumerable women to your sexual demands. But male sex right to women means provided a male has 'bought a woman/girl' that means he is entitled to rape/sexually torture her in whatever way he demands because no human was harmed.

    Oh I forget rescue work is stressful and these boys need regular sexual access to women in order to eliminate their 'stress!'

    Neither am I ignoring the fact these rescue workers are all white Johns who obviously view women of colour as non-human, who after surviving a natural disaster their sole reason for existence is to be men's dehumanised sexual service stations. After all rescue work is about saving only certain categories of human beings because there have to be innumerable numbers of so-called non-human females available for these white men to rape and sexually torture. But don't worry boys you are in 'good company' (sic) because you are enacting the same misogynistic and violent acts as UN male soldiers who are supposedly sent to other countries to protect citizens but instead routinely subject the women and girls to systemic male sexual violence and multiple rapes.

    Now a mass influx of white western men (aka Johns) are flocking to Japan supposedly to assist in rescue work. However, these men too will doubtless seek 'stress relief' by purchasing/subjecting indigenous women and girls to sustained male sexual violence.

    After all males who engage in rescue work need limitless supplies of disposable, dehumanised women's and girls' bodies do they not in order to release their male pent up stress.

    Rescue work in effect becomes an excuse for white men to inflict more suffering on the women and girl survivors rather than undertaking real 'rescue work.'

    This means according and treating women and girl survivors of these disasters as human beings not as men's dehumanised sexual service stations!

    The white males who claim to be undertaking rescue work are deliberately abusing their positions of power and they are rapists not heroes.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful blog; it's one of my favorites.

    I have noticed something else related to the recent pornification of disaster victims. The photos featured on the front pages of websites like MSNBC are often are often unnecessarily voyeuristic. Last night's MSNBC photo showed a devastated young Japanese woman sitting among a vast pile of rubble, her knees drawn up to her chest. And she wasn't wearing pants! The only photo they can find to illustrate this immense disaster is one where a beautiful Japanese woman is inadvertently showing her underwear?

  3. Thank you for the compliment, ampulla, and for the critique of the media.

    Yes, indeed: is that the only image? We know the answer to that and that someone sifted through the images to find that "right one". It's disgusting how women are sexually exploited at every opportunity. No matter the context, the horror, or the violation.

  4. I think this is an important issue as it is one that gets completely ignored. Whenever our planet suffers from a nasty tragedy we always see images of these mighty white males boarding planes to fly off to the disaster area to save the day.

    Some of these white males get interviewed. In fact I think it was on CNN the leader of the white males was telling us how rewarding it is to be able to save someone. (I guess if you pull someone from a collapsed building it nullifies the rape of a woman.)

    We see them fly off, sometimes we see them pulling people from trapped buildings and we immediately think they are heroes. But none of us think what else they get up to.

    I think it is time that wherever possible we expose these ‘rescue workers’ for what they are.

    The Japan tragedy is sadly not the last time we will see a tragedy. There will be more disasters to come and if we do nothing then these white males will continue to rape and terrorize women and young girls.

    Just imagine you have been forced in prostitution which by-itself is one of the worst forms of degradation, you suffer from a major natural disaster and before you even have a chance to recover, these men who claim they have come to your aid rape you.

    If we don’t start highlighting this, women and girls will continue to have their lives destroyed and white men will continually get away with rape (and adultery – lets not forget that many of these men are married) and who knows what else.