Monday, December 6, 2010

DikiLeaks: What The Poor Poor Rich Men Don't Want You To Know About Their Wealth and Privilege

If you can't figure out why the rich-ass Republicans are fighting gold tooth and manicured nail to prevent themselves from having to pay more in taxes, just consult the following two charts and Rachel Maddow's video clip, especially the last minute of it.

pie chart showing which people hoard the earnings is from here
chart showing how much the rich want to keep annually in their greedy little pockets (read: Swiss Bank Accounts) is from here
And here's Rachel, to make this all much clearer. You can skip the first half or so. Just view the part about the Bush tax cuts and why they were set to expire, and everything that comes after that, including the comments of some poor, poor rich white guy who wants to keep money that is better spent paying down the debt and closing the deficit.

What the most privileged poor, poor rich men don't want you to know is that they are not competent to do much--certainly not the things they claim to be experts at doing.

They can't run financial institutions--except into the ground.

No matter how much Viagra and Cialis they take, they remain effectively impotent at doing anything systemically and systematically good for humanity and the Earth.

They can't win wars. They wage them until people demand they end, then they end, being responsive to "the people" and pretend like they would have won if only "the people" hadn't complained so much about the cost--financial and in human life and environmental disaster. They say they are brilliant at math, yet can't figure out how to add up the cost of war and subtract the price of loss of human and environmental life and conclude that there's a net loss, always.

They don't want to fix the deficit problem. Being in debt is "The American Way". If they wanted to end the debt and close the deficit, they'd all voluntarily give the government their millions stashed away in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands that doesn't go into creating jobs anywhere at all. They'd give up a few of their homes and give that cash to the government too, and would stop complaining that doing things like this is dangerous to "democracy" and "freedom". The only freedom it endangers is the super rich's freedom to be completely unaccountable for the corrupt tax codes and corporate welfare system they've created in order to play golf and ride on yachts and decide in what home Christmas will be celebrated this year.

They don't want to admit that they know much of what they support is a huge waste of money, such as pouring millions into the hands of people known to be corrupt. (Am I referring to Afghan leaders and military personnel or U.S. corporate heads who should have been fired but instead get million dollar bonuses?)

They don't know the meaning of the word "sustainable". "Sustainable" doesn't mean "the electric car", for example. Or carpooling. Or finding an alternative way to get to work once a week. Or recycling.

They see but don't care how capitalism doesn't work for the poor, and they see and care that it does work for the very rich but only in ways that are utterly corrupt. The super rich know exactly how corrupt they are--exactly how exploitive, exactly how oppressive and callous and inhumane, but don't care, because they're comfortable and callous and inhumane.

They don't care that genocide is happening now, today, in North America--including in the U.S., as well as around the globe and that globalisation is part of the cause. 

They don't seem to appreciate that the greatest threat to heterosexual marriage isn't lesbians and gay men being able to marry, but it is het men's marital infidelity, use of women in prostitution, fathers' molestation and rape of their own children, men beating the shit out of the women they say they love so very, very much, and heterosexism generally.

They don't challenge the Pope when he says he'll allow men to use condoms if the men are prostitutes, but not if the men are priests who are fucking children. (The logical phallusy seems to be that there is no call for condom use when children are raped by priests because pre-pubescent children can't get pregnant.)

They don't get that men can and must stop raping women. They think what men do is inevitable, like some giant ball on a giant hill that, once sent down, can't stop, ever.

They don't get that sexual trafficking is an atrocity that must be stopped by all means necessary--especially by criminalising all pimping and procuring--including on the corporate level, and that to not make that a priority, along with ending rape, poverty, and genocide, is a sign of their gross incompetence and negligence and inhumanity.

They don't get that killing the messengers of the CRAP they do but want to keep classified isn't a solution to their own corruption; it's a way to keep being corrupt. And we still hear the screams of suffering they cause the world. Even if they sleep well every night.

As they slumber, may all of them who are Christian find Jesus yelling at them for being hypocrites and tyrants, in the course of their otherwise pleasant dreams.

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