Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taking on One Big Pimp: Here's How...

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This information came to me via a profeminist group. With thanks to a radically profeminist man named Martin. Note: if you are not a, you can still sign the petition. There is an option to the right of where you would open a list of U.S. states, to click on "non-U.S." which will then open a box from which to choose your country. All that follows is from Martin.

Please join a worldwide effort to get the biggest pimp in the US to cease and desist its exploitation of women.
All you have to do is add your signature to this petition and circulate it to your network. The organizers are aiming for 2000 extra names within a few days.

Here is that petition text - just click on the link above to sign it.

Last year, you made a very important and commendable choice to remove the "erotic services" section of  As someone who cares deeply about the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children through prostitution, I commend that decision and thank you for it.

However, the new "adult services" section which has replaced it still contains ads for illegal prostitution, many of which are thinly veiled as legal erotic services.  These ads are similar in tone and content to those which were previously used to advertise the sexual services of trafficked women and girls in the Craigslist erotic services section.  I hope Craigslist will renew its commitment to reducing human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children by taking the following important steps:

1. Publically release the new standards which are being used to review the ads in the new adult services section, including the standards for staff training and supervision.

2. Take further steps to cooperate with law enforcement in the identification of illegal activities taking place on
3. Take further steps to identify the euphamisms and codes which are being used to conceal illegal activies and use that knowledge to prevent ads for such activities from being posted.

Craigslist provides many valuable community services, and should not be tainted with advertisements for illegal activities, especially the exploitation and trafficking of women and children in commercial sex. Please renew your commitment to this important issue by making real and lasting changes by creating barriers to prevent the exploitation of women and children and the conducting of illegal activity on



Andrea Dworkin - Why Men Like Pornography & Prostitution So Much. Keynote Speech at International Trafficking Conference, 1989
(Audio File: 22 min, 128 Kbps, mp3)
(Thanks to Nikki Craft for her awesome archiving work)

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