Monday, April 19, 2010

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" (or will it?) Nine Deuce and Company are Playing With a Full Deck in This Post: on Media, Male Supremacy, and What To Do about Each

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With permission, this is a cross post dealt by Nine Deuce over at Rage Against the Man-chine. I LOVE her writing. I love it, love it, love it! It kicks patriarchal ASS. *Here's* the link back to her original post, on her blog.

April 19, 2010...1:01 PM

Fuck politics, women need to be making sitcoms.


  • Brava!
    May I cross post this, with full linkage and stuff, to my blog?

  • this fucking rocks. unfortunately, it’s probably really hard to even get into a position where you have much influence in popular media, especially for women. and I guess my goal of making feminist comic books probably isn’t that ground breaking, but with batgirl being paralyzed, black cat being raped, and jubilee depowered, plus a laundry list of other misogynistic shit going on in popular superhero comics, it’s got to be at least a little important, right?

  • Well Gramsci of course, would have agreed with you. The classic war of position. And normally I agree with Gramsci, but I don’t necessarily think he was envisaging maybe that kind of cultural domination. I like to think he wasn’t.
    For me, the problem is that even if women do get involved in these things, they’re always doing them on male terms, and therefore will always need to man up to get ahead – the phenomenon Ariel Levy described precisely in female chauvinist pigs (yes I know there are problems with both Levy and FCP but bear with me). I don’t think that this is a problem Antonio G foresaw, how much cultural domination would involve a process of embourgeiosification (no idea if that spelling is right, or if it’s even a word) or em-doodism in the case of females in male dominated industries. Em-doodism would be the problem I’d think.
    Cadbury’s creme eggs are evil and when I rule the world (I’m thinking August, if it all goes according to plan) they will be banned.

  • I definitely agree that em-doodism is the problem, but I’m often torn between urging people to spend their energy on radical overhauls that may never occur, or on small things that might be feasible now. I’ve been leaning more and more lately toward the latter, but it’s been bothering me because many times following the latter course creates even more obstacles to the former, and my real sympathies and predilections lie with the former. I know that women have to shit on other women to get ahead in entertainment, but I hope they’d at least do a bit less of it.

  • Oh and there’s a piece on a similar theme in t’grauniad.
    I know nothing of Tina Fey apart from she is famous for impersonating Sarah Palin, but it should probably be noted that a great many of those who come up with the crap about women ARE females. In which BTW I don’t include the great Helen Fielding, author of Bridget Jones, who is a very funny and satirical writer (the bit no one seems to get). But a hell of a lot of “powerful” women got that way by spouting crap. About the most feminist film I’ve seen recently was Mamma Mia and even that went seriously pear shaped at the end when Meryl Streep married Pearce Brosnan. Why would you marry anyone who sang THAT BADLY?
    IMHO, the revolution will not be televised.

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