Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blood on Our Hands: has yours begun to dry? Check again.

[artwork is from here; my great thanks to the artist who created this:]
Blood On Our Hands
Noah Breuer
Woodblock, 2004
Berkeley, CA

For more information about artist Noah Breuer, please see this website:

To All White Men with Ability, Age, and Class Privileges:

What did you do today, and yesterday, and for the last significant period of time, to stop men's war against women, to stop the global genocides against Indigenous people, to stop white supremacists' war against people of color?

Please, let me know what you are doing, in detail, with your comments here.

I hope there are hundreds of comments to follow... each detailing the many ways white men hold one another accountable to the atrocities we sit back and allow to happen, or actively participate in, institutionally and systemically if not also interpersonally.


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  1. I am told slavery of women and non whites belongs in history books. That’s bull shit. Today we must still endure major shit under our white male masters.