Sunday, March 15, 2009

Illegal Aliens and Housing Foreclosures: The Historical Connection

SPECIAL ALERT ABOUT IMMIGRANT ALIENS: There has been a rash of illegal aliens coming onto the land and taking away a lot from those of us who have been living here a long time. One of the things taken away is our homes. Be on the look out. These people are armed and very dangerous, and they have their own laws that they use to cheat and steal from us.

Below is a map of the areas of initial intrusion and invasion.

Here's what some of the new arrivals look like, just so you know:

Over the years, they have moved across the land. Our homes have been taken away from us; they have devised many ways to take possession. The U.S. government has made many of us relocate, which is a certainly form of foreclosure: we never see our homes again.

The aliens are prone to tell lies and produce false immigration documents, claiming they have "a right" to be here. Some of them even say "We have been here way before you, so if you don't like how we treat you, go back to where you came from!" They are clearly delusional. Where we came from is where they now live.

They have in the past been known to bring undocumented workers to help them. Below is a photograph of some of these workers.
Here's a picture of some of the undocumented workers.

There is no indication that the undocumented workers are treated like human beings. In fact, the workers' lives are filled with drudgery and pain.

Undocumented workers' lives, the lives of those of us who are Indigenous to this land, and the lives of the rest of us are all made miserable by the aliens' ways of doing things. Part of the problem is that the aliens cling to "family values" that result in more and more misery spreading across the land. Here is a recent image of where the aliens currently live, with the darkest areas representing the places where they are most highly concentrated. When you look at the image below, remember that dark zones = dangerous places to live. And that "dark" here means "especially white-populated".

These foreigners have brought with them a strange religion that glorifies domination and warfare. They seem mixed up about their god. On one hand they say they pray to a god of peace and love for everyone, but they also pray to this same god to keep them safe as they slaughter us. Sometimes they let us live but they steal our children to raise them with their deadly values.

The symbol of their religion, which seems say one thing and do another, looks like this.

Maybe one of the wooden posts is what the dominant folks say, and the other is what they do. Maybe this is why the two beams go in opposite directions. Or maybe it is the symbol of a sword, stuck into our ground and through our hearts.

They also bring diseases that kill us more than they kill them. Some of them do get very sick, of course. But they are clever: they make special expensive medicines. And the richest among them are the only ones that can afford them. The rich among them have access to too many drugs, it seems.

Some of them take too much of these medicines and other substances to try and make themselves feel better, to ease them out of the misery they have created for all of us. Because of this, a lot of them are drunk and abuse drugs.

Some of them get sick from their poisons, but they take care of their own, make no mistake about it. They build very large structures in which to take care of each other. They know very little about the medicines you can find all around you if you don't pave over the Earth. One of these giant buildings is pictured below; it is called a "Presbyterian Hospital":

Also, they stick together a lot (often in "gangs") and act suspicious when they see anyone who doesn't look like them. This is especially strange, as so many of them are so pale they look like they might already be dead. But despite that, you tend to see them walking or running around in small and large groups. Sometimes they wear protective gear; they seem preoccupied with bumping into each other a lot, maybe because there are so many of them everywhere.

And do they ever breed! They tend to have large families which grow even more massive with each generation.

They clearly don't understand the concept of "birth control"--we're not sure if they even teach it in their communities.

They will send you stuff in the mail to try and convert you to their ways of living and dying. They'll offer you many credit cards so that you can be in financial debt forever. Don't accept these offers. These dominant alien people are very irresponsible, especially with money. Don't trust them to loan you a dime. If they loan you money to live somewhere, you can trust that in time you will be forced to leave that place against your will.

Fortunately we have created a department of Homeland Security to try and get our land and homes back, and also our ways of life, including our own medicines. Below is one of our banners.



  1. The Taliban want to take over Afghanistan so that they can continue viciously oppressing women there.
    Back in 2002 Swedish Marxist feminist politician Gudrun Schyman said (White) Swedish men were just like the Taliban. I think she did not go far enough. She should have said white western men are just like the Taliban as they oppress women and non white ethnic groups all over the world.

  2. I don't see white Western men as being like the men in the Taliban for many reasons.

    Primarily, the Taliban is not that old an oppressive group of men, going back only as far as 1996.

    I think those of us who are white have to be careful when comparing Western men to non-Western men, and white men to men of color.

    In my view, there is no group to compare white Western men to, because other groups of men that are named (or identify as) "terroristic" are usually marginal, extremist, and commit atrocities in small regions of the world.

    White Western men are centralised, normalised, idealised, are "the [white male supremacist] standard" for what it means to be human, are conventional, are not generally viewed in the West as terroristic, are not scapegoated by more powerful groups as THE GREATEST THREAT TO FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY (as has been the Taliban), and white Western men's institutions and industries create rape and death everywhere.

    The Taliban has nowhere near the global power and capacity to commit atrocities that white Western men do, and get away with without even being identified as "the problem group".

  3. You are right in that White Western men are centralised, normalised, idealised etc.
    Therefore many people don’t see white men and their actions as something bad but rather as something quite normal
    I believe that Gudrun Schyman’s comments were not meant to be taken as an exact comparison but rather to try and show those ignorant of white male racism and sexism that there is a very real problem.
    The fact that she only referred to White Swedish men would suggest that there is a very real problem in Sweden with regards to racism and sexism been perpetrated by the white males towards the women and minorities

  4. I have a contact in Sweden, a male radical profeminist anarchist. I'll ask him about this. He's written to me about Gudrun Schyman and gender politics in Sweden. As you may know, they have passed the toughest (um, meaning BEST) law to make trafficking, procuring, and pimping of women not only illegal, but illegal if any Swedish man does it outside the border of Sweden!

    Get going, rest of the West!

  5. Hello Christina and Julian.

    Before the sumary do i want to point out to remember that Gudrun was back then the representaive of the Left-party. So whatever she says in it should also be seen as related to what stances the party had made on various topics. I try to add extra info when needed about the politics around 2002 in sweden.

    The speech(that was made 2002) in short begins with a critique against the "war on terror". She also points towards how violence and humiliation related to aggression from, among other places, US foreign affairs provoked things like 9/11.

    She then goes over to saying that it is more common for men to react to terorizing and humiliation by striking back with terror of their own making. And the reason for that is male gender roles("the myth of masculinity").

    I think this part of the speech is quite vital so ill translate it as a whole.

    "Real security and safety will not be achived, until the male society* abandon the norms of confrontation and victory, dominance, control and strenght."

    *= It would be easier to understand in a translation if she said patriarchy, but i try to keep as close as i can to the original sentence.

    She then makes connections between the people fighting in the gothenburg riots during the EU-meeting and 9/11(the whole parlamentary-left was werry clear with taking a stance against the autonomous left and all kinds of non-violent uprising or self defence after the controverseys related to the struggles between cops and civilians during the gothenburg demonstration).

    "Discrimination and humiliation looks diferent depending on where we are. But its the same norm and the same structure, that is repeated by Talibans in Afghanistan as here in Sweden."

    She is not realy saying anywhere in the text tough that swedish white men is just like the taliban(although that is the impression that any news article on it would give, but she asks the audience that, as a question tough). Rather that the opression is the same and she brings up some similarities(that most violence against wimen happens inside of the nuclear family in sweden, no matter if the husband is muslim or not).

    And she does bring up how white imperialism opress wimen all over the world. But in a typical leftist tradition is she turning America into the main player in it.

    One main reason that she refers to swedish males, american war on afghanistan and the gothenburg riots is that it is topics that she has to bring up as a representative for her party, since it is a parlamentary speech at the opening of their 2002 congres.

    Here is the whole speech in swedish.
    Maybie you can get a decent translation by using a program like babelfish or such.

    Hope this is to some help.

    / Respect

  6. Thank you, Together into the Abyss, for putting Gudrun Schyman's political statements into the context (especially the time period) in which they were said.

    Translation has a political agenda too, including from language language, and from radical activists' political speeches to mainstream press summaries. And thank you again, Christina, for bringing this whole matter into the discussion, for it has allowed us to make the conversation more international, and also raises many important points.

    For more on this matter of the politics of translation, please see Sexual/Textual Politics, by Toril Moi.

    Because Together into the Abyss's link for us did not register as an HTML code/link, I'll do so in a separate post, as I don't think I can HTML code anything in the commments section here. :(