Saturday, May 18, 2013

Who Among the non-Indigenous Stand with Indigenous People to End Genocide?
photo of Indigenous activist Rigoberta Menchú is from here
I'm not sure what has to happen for genocide to end. Hopefully not the disappearance of all despised and oppressed people. Hopefully not the destruction of all Indigenous people and their homelands, if they still have their homelands. See these two stories if you are not aware that genocide is on-going. The first was shown on NBC, which surprised me as corporate media usually ignores these realities, and/or profits from them. But thank you to Ann Curry for reporting this infuriating story.

And from Democracy Now!, this recent interview with Rigoberta Menchú:

One small step is to sign this petition:

Please let me know what else is being done.


  1. I'm so glad you're talking about the Indigenous peoples of the world, especially the Americas because our discussion of race in America and the world either starts off in Black and White or White and Black/Latino/Asian/Middle Eastern, while ignoring or neglection the various Indigenous peoples of the world, especially those hailing from the Americas and the Caribbean.

    Indigenous people are the most abused, used, exploited peoples of the world, next to peoples of African descent. They're still being exploited by big corporations owned by Western men. The womenfolk are still being raped and exploited by non-Indigenous men, while their men and children are being exploited, used, and killed by those same people.

    Thank you Julian for keeping the issue of Indigenous peoples alive.

    La Reyna

  2. Thank you, La Reyna. It is just so discouraging to see how Indigenous people's struggles and contributions are ignored, while human rights violations against Native people globally are unknown about by almost all white people I know. I hope whites find more significant, meaningful ways to support Indigenous people and their human rights struggles and to also oppose fellow white men's corporate greed and destruction of the Earth. I pray we generate more consciousness and direct accountability to those being so harmed and threatened, in all the ways you describe.

  3. Hi Julian, as you know I am strongly opposed to white male supremacy in Africa especially how the racist, sexist, homophobic white Afrikaner males stole land and mineral wealth from the black people and then made these people work as slaves in poverty on their own land not to mention the fact that these white males have even tried to eradiate the language and culture of the black people.

    Well now there is a black man who wants to form a political party to deal whit these white male racists.

    I have placed an exert from a South African news paper on my blog dealing with this topic.

  4. Hi Christina,

    Thank you for that link to your post with the excerpt. I'll add the URL with a working link: