Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Was Osama bin Laden Born in the U.S.A.? His birth certificate reveals a surprising answer...

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What if Osama bin Laden was a U.S. American, from birth? What would the fanatical Christian White Right-wing do with that information? Would he become statused, post-mortem, as 'not such a bad guy after all'? Would he move out of the ranks of Adolph Hitler and join the ranks of Timothy McVey?

How much longer will U.S. media focus on bin Laden, rather than the real terrorists of the last ten years: the white het male rich folks who control media, public policy, foreign policy, and government?

When will we see CEOs and corrupt mass murdering politicians hunted down by Navy Seals, for example, with cities and towns across Amerikkka cheering wildly into the night when their bodies are reported dumped into an ocean?

I realise that any "good' Amerikkkan wants to see the bloody body--photos, video please!! "Can you show us the Navy Seals actually killing bin Laden?", many across this perverse country are asking--or demanding.

Meanwhile, there's that debt and deficit, and all that trafficking and raping going on, and all crimes of the white rich against poor people and people of color that broadcasters and reporters never wish to discuss honestly or in any systemic detail. We've got an increasingly white supremacist country, an oligarchical one now more than ever.

We have a death-adoring, murderer-worshipping society, folks. That's what it is and that's who we are. We cheer at assassination, unless it's of our own leaders. Otherwise, bring it on. From here: When asked whether she was glued to the television after the dramatic news, Kirstie said it was not worth her time, although she was glad to hear that the military finally got bin Laden. "No, he's dead. Ding dong the witch is dead. What else do we want? He's dead -- on to the next one."

She probably doesn't mean any of these usual suspects:

But, Seals, they're also hiding in plain site.

U.S. Amerikkkans are a blood-thirsty mob--we want more al Qaeda leaders murdered because we actually think al Qaeda is harming or threatening us more than rich white men--born in the U.S.A., with the long-form birth certificates to prove it.

Here's what the world's worst and most blood-thirsty enemy forces look like, in case you didn't know:

image is from here at Cracked.com
CNN is letting us know how many trillions of dollars bin Laden cost the US, as if rich white men in the US haven't cost us far more than that--the loss of millions of homes, for example, the loss of social programs, the failure of the public school system, allowing men to leave this country, rape girls, and return unarrested--how much money are those girls' lives worth? The U.S. also makes a "medical practice" of stealing medical experts born, raised, and working in Third World countries. The "good" U.S. knowingly lets people in the Third World die unattended by appropriate levels of care while we use their professionals medical knowledge here. And, how callous can an article be as the one linked to from CNN? How much money are the lives of hundreds and thousands of Afghan, Iraqi, and Pakistani lives worth--those snuffed out by U.S. military rulers and the soldiers they train to want to kill? "At any price: freedom" makes a good slogan to allow the rich scumbags to get richer because they're so tied to the military industrial complex, but it doesn't make for anything resembling a humane society. Not that the rich and powerful care about anyone but themselves.

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