Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please Assist Phylicia Barnes In Her Safe Return to her Family and Friends

Missing: Phylicia Simone Barnes
Missing: Phylicia Simone Barnes
It goes without say, doesn't it?, that were Phylicia Simone Barnes white and blonde, her face would be familiar to anyone with a television set. As it is, national and dominant corporate media--run by white men--are slow to still when it comes to reporting on missing persons. Particularly and especially when they are Black, Brown, Indigenous, or Asian; or poor, homeless, in prostitution, and female. If you're not young, thin, blonde, female, middle class or wealthier, and what the corporate media considers "pretty", you can expect media to ignore your disappearance. That's not just tragic, it's ethically bankrupt and racist, heterosexist, classist, and misogynistic as hell. Please support the efforts to reunite Phylicia Barnes with her family and friends.

Everything that follows, and the photo above, is from Please click on the title below to link back. A video about Phylicia's disappearance appears at the end of the post. So too does information on how to help. And please pray for her safety and well-being.

Did Phylicia Barnes Just Disappear – Police Baffled

Jan 20th, 2011 | By Paul P | Category: Alert Follow Up News

Eight days from today will be a month since the disappearance of now 17 year old Phylicia Barnes on Dec 28th 2010. Her 17th birthday came and went January 12th and she remained missing. Her mother has vowed to celebrate the event upon her return and remains hopeful that will be soon.

Police have had few leads in the case. Of those leads none were found to be helpful. They reportedly have called it one of the strangest and most vexing missing persons cases they’ve ever investigated.

After a public outcry about fairness because Phylicia is black, there has been some national media coverage including the NBC Nightly News featuring the case of Phylicia Barnes last night. Many feel it was to little to late because coverage came weeks after her abduction.

Auhorities remain baffled saying it’s one of the strangest missing persons cases they’ve ever investigated. They believe she may have been kidnapped and taken out of the state without leaving behind any evidence of the abduction. Despite FBI involvement the case seems to be at a stand still with no new information coming forth.
There is a $10,000.00 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Phylicia Barnes.

Anyone with any information on Phylicia’s disappearance, no matter how small, is urged to contact the Baltimore police at             855-223-0033    .

Radio Amber Alert Video
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