Friday, September 24, 2010

Afghan Women Vote Against Patriarchal Fascism East and West

Most of what follows is from Shiraz Socialist. Please click on the title just below to link back.

Afghan elections: three million-plus defy the fascists

September 19, 2010 at 2:37 am 

Above: anti-fascist Afghan women: they know how to deal with the Taliban

“Although the “west” has all but given up on Afghan democracy – the agreed-upon euphemism for this betrayal appears to be “working to lower expectations” – it would seem that a few million Afghans have voted in today’s elections anyway, braving Taliban threats of dismemberment and death…”
Read  the rest of what Terry Glavin has to say, here.

Julian's note:
Afghan women need to be armed to deal with U.S. and NATO forces too, who are no less threatening and terroristic to women and girls in Afghanistan, despite what Western media proclaims as Truth.

Terry Glavin's blog post on  this contains anti-Semitic references allegedly used by Taliban forces to keep women from voting. Never mind the Jews, folks. The U.S. Christian White Right are funding the slaughter of Asian women in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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