Friday, August 20, 2010

The Empire Thinks It Has No Close

I am appreciative of the blogs dedicated to telling truth instead of lies. Globeistan (link below) is one of those, revealing that the Empire is wearing a sign that says "no close".

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Friday August 20: This is not your country; Help Pakistan’s flood victims; idiosyncratic Islamic practices in Chechnya; Pakistan/nonsense about Mars; Nigeria: Tailor’s advice; Japan’s annexation of Korea; Mosque madness; Are Pakistan’s floods due to climate change? Automatic car transfers/Video

Thursday August 19 Public theft and end of empire; Business class refugees-Tamil Bossa/Video; Australia/Superannuation fraud; Brest-feeding; Bangladesh Army’s business interests; Afghanistan/Couple stoned for adultery; Blackwater accused; Nipple piercings adds to risk of abscesses.

Wednesday August 18: Bangladesh/Bare minimum; Russia & human rights activist’s murder; Indus gone Insane; Pakistan/Why international aid is slow; AFL-CIO’s secret war against Third World workers; India’s new capitalists/Video; Hiroshima/Nagasaki; Britain: Ads that stalks; Prayer heals; Shining Journey celebrates Independence Day.

Tuesday August 17: Israel/Outpost for imperialism; Disease risk for children; Columbia’s indigenous leader shot dead; Waiting for peace; Anglo Saxons/Neither Indian nor British; Construction training for Maldivians in Sri Lanka; 11 technologies in danger of going extinct.

Monday August 16: Colonize space or die out; Why Wikileaks won’t stop war; Russia/Businessman sets out orthodox rules; Inception & top 10 dream movies; Sudan/Child soldiers; Crisis of religious understanding; Mulla Nasruddin’s wisdom; Pakistan to review laws against minorities.

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