Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"ah" on Yahoo Answers thinks it's "ha-ha" funny to insult Andrea Dworkin

image of anti-misogyny statement is from here

What follows are recent questions posted to Yahoo Answers by someone who goes by the name of "ah". I'm not impressed. Fortunately, Toto takes him on. Thank you, Toto.

Open Question

Is Andrea Dworkin the sexiest left wing woman?

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Additional Details:

Or WAS? This fine female specimen is dead.
12 hours ago

What intellectually gifted individuals have said about her:

When I read Andrea Dworkin's Our Blood in the early Eighties I was impressed, but it was her Right-Wing Women which convinced me that a substantial new voice had joined those of the other innovative feminists I admired. With its brilliant insights into the Right's anti-feminism, why women often choose conservative politics contrary to their specific interests, the book offered an advance in feminist political thinking almost as radical as Sexual Politics.

Just as Orwell was roundly attacked by the liberal left for daring to suggest that Stalin was as bad as Hitler, so Dworkin seems to arouse the ire of the left as thoroughly as the right! I have never seen such vitriolic reviews as those she receives. Yet her analyses of social problems -- femininist or otherwise -- are breathtaking in that you find yourself constantly saying -- Of course! That's why -- And in this she has the same effect as Tom Paine when he wrote Common Sense and The Rights of Man. Yet we live in very different times, when any form of criticism of the status quo is repressed, minimalized or mocked and Dworkin has received a barrage of heavy duty artillery.

Andrea Dworkin was a brilliant writer, philosopher, activist, and human being. She also was critical of the left as well as the right-wing.

Degrading a brilliant human rights activist is a sad act that only functions to degrade the person who does so. Your question, AH, is crass, immature, and insulting to humanity.


Open Question

How do I get over my crush on Andrea Dworkin?

I saw this woman's picture a few weeks ago and I have not been able to get her off my mind. It was love at first glance. I started looking on Google to try to find a way to get to her and court her but I learned that she passed away in April of 2005. This is heartbreaking. She is the perfect female specimen.
  • 9 hours ago
  • - 4 days left to answer.
I recommend you develop the skill of not putting down human beings and that you show respect and regard for human rights activists who care about justice and ending oppression.

Stopping the many atrocities that are happening around the world will take collective action. Things like rape, sexual trafficking and slavery, racism, and genocide.

Your action here isn't helping that effort.

Your question, as stated, comes across as very immature, actually. If you'd like to learn about her love for humanity--for women and for men--and what she cared about, fought for, and considered important, please read the interview linked to below.


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