Friday, June 18, 2010

Support Feminist Abolitionism: Support This Conference on Sexist Trafficking and HIV/AIDS

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What follows was sent to me today by email. Thank you, to Sandra Walter. All that follows is the content of her email.


With great enthusiasm, we wish to invite in partnership with IHDPI (Greece Investment & Tourism Board) and Garant foundation, individuals, groups, youths and organization to be part of our forthcoming combined international conference on “Human trafficking and spread of HIV” taking place in Seattle - United States of America and Athens - Greece.

The combined conferences are of two segments:

The first segment shall commence on the 19th July till the 23rd of July 2010, at Waterfront Auditorium 192 Harbor Avenue. S.W.Seattle, WA 98126 USA.

The second segment shall commence on the 26th July till 29th of July 2010 at the Pavilion Theatre, Sintgama 12, 54128. Athens - Greece.

This gathering is a venue to share data and information on the issue of sex, trafficking of women and children from various researches, case studies and individual experiences. It is also a venue to come up with unities and resolutions to effectively address immediate and long-term issues regarding sex trafficking and draw concrete plan in international information and education campaign, policy advocacy and the necessary services which can be extended to the women and children survivors of sex trafficking and how to access global fund for the purpose.

The time has come to unite and stand together to expose and oppose sex-trafficking with the continued increase in the number of sex trafficked women and children. We have noticed that this is an incredible means of interacting with different organizations of the world on a particular issue as it affects human trafficking.

The conference aims to:

1.Document data on the human sex-trafficking and spread of HIV based on the context of the global statistics and economic situation.

2.Exchange work experiences with individuals and organizations from other countries undertaking campaign against sex trafficking;

3.Draw a complete plan of action on international advocacy - an international education and public information campaign - on the sex trafficking of women and children.

4. Come up with a standard on service component and recommendations in policy-making bodies both locally and internationally.

Moreover, funding may be provided for individuals from qualifying organizations.
Provisions have been made for all delegates to this event, all round tickets to both venues, feeding and accommodation in USA by our sponsors. All delegates will take care of their feeding and accommodation in Athens, as our resources do not cover that.

Mode of application:

Interested organizations should forward the following information about their organization.

1. Aims and objectives of their organization

2. Organization profile

3. Achievements so far.

Only groups with delegates between the numbers of three and ten selected members would be allowed to participate from each of the selected countries.

Individuals who do not belong to any of the organizations but are interested to participate should form a group of at least three.

Inquiries and submission of application should be forwarded only to

Yours Faithfully

Mrs Sandra Walter.

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