Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do the Math: End Civilisation

[image is from here]

Western Civilisation isn't 10,000 years old, but virtually all the stuff listed as patriarchal atrocities above, under the graphic image, are Western. So my conclusion is that this was made by someone white. 

However old patriarchal civilisations are, they are that many scores of centuries too many. And the last few thousand years some form of Western male supremacy has existed on Earth on some form. And the last few hundred years, white male supremacy has been destroying people of color, being sure to rape the women and girls in the process. And in the last decades, the Earth and its Life are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate by the social and industrial "creations" of white men. And lesbians and gay youth are being driven to suicide and depression due to the violence of heterosexism. In the last thirty years, HIV/AIDS has been killing only non-WHM populations en masse, with little to no activism to address and stop this by WHM. To the contrary, WHM are spreading disease around the world. As WHM are surviving all diseases, this is an effective form of mass murder, gynocide, and genocide by them.

Here's an idea: let's start by radically uprooting and composting CRAP (WHM supremacy) in all fascistic forms, racist practices, and man-infestations, and then have a meeting and assess where to go from there.

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