Friday, January 15, 2010

WHM Supremacy in Israel is Bolstered Once Again: this time by supporting sex offenders

For an incisive analysis of all of this, please read Scapegoat: The Jews, Israel, and Women's Liberation, by Andrea Dworkin.

All that follows is from the blog of a U.S.-born man who has lived in Israel for 25 years. His blog, Desertpeace, is linked to *here*, and also may be found by clicking on the title just below:


Parents might want to think twice about allowing their children to visit Israel on youth delegations…. at least until the country gets its priorities straight…. (no pun intended)

The Supreme Court of Israel has officially lost its collective mind.

The Supreme Court accepted an appeal by Yitzhak Mondrovich against his extradition on Thursday, 25 years after he arrived in Israel and 24 years after US authorities indicted him on suspicion of committing 13 sexual crimes against five boys aged nine to 13. 

“The legal and moral basis of the extradition procedure according to the Israeli extradition law is not restricted to being an important tool in the war against international and domestic crime,” Justice Ayala Procaccia wrote.” 

“It is also, at the same time, a procedure which takes human rights into consideration, both by the country requesting the extradition and the extraditing country. The fear of undermining an extradition procedure like this one cannot surmount the need to look at its implications for human rights and the fundamental values of the system of the country being asked to extradite.”

A country that bars journalists from entry, simply because they REPORT the truth about the occupation, bars entry to notable world leaders for fear that they might SEE the truth, is concerned about Human Rights?

What about the rights of the Palestinian people that have been living under the most inhumane occupation in centuries?

What about the rights of the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem whose homes are siezed illegally by Jewish settlers?

What about the rights of Ethiopian children to go to school?

Obviously none of the above is important enough to be dealt with by the ‘lawmakers’ of the country. 

The article that the above in italics is from can be read HERE.
Zion be proud….. you are showing the world your true colours!

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