Friday, December 25, 2009

Special Post for Christina, a Christian friend and colleague in the UK

Happy Christmas, Christina!! (And to all other Christians who read this blog.)

And thank you for finding this place and deciding to stay a while. I hope you continue to find it to be comfortable enough to stay quite a while longer. Please continue to let me know how I might plump up the cushions to make it more hospitable.

Thank you most especially for all you do to challenge me and support me in being more caring, less ignorant, and more responsible and accountable, and to keep the focus on welcoming the radical transformation of all the forces that seek our destruction.

What follows is for your listening enjoyment. I wish I knew who your favorite musical artists are, but I don't, yet. So I've chosen two artists who each know how to live beyond suffering, and have helped me do the same.

The first artist is a white Canadian-born gay man, Rufus Wainwright, who is also a rape survivor. I have loved his voice for about seven years. The second artist is a U.S.-born white pro-queer woman, Cyndi Lauper, who is an incest survivor. I have loved her voice for two and a half decades. I chose to put Cyndi second only because I think her song is more peaceful and in the spirit of the day, a lullaby of sorts. I wanted to leave you with that as your second of two listening experiences here, with wishes for you to have a joyous day and a holy night. -- Love, Julian

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