Monday, November 9, 2009

Good-bye to Anonymity. Hello to Accountability.

I will now only accept comments from known people, from people who are registered, and from people who I can contact, as needed, off this blog.

I realise this may mean that some women (and trans and intersex people, and men) who wish to post comments here may not be able to as they once were, but going through a simple process of registering will allow comments to be made.

I won't post any more comments that promote killing masses of people. I won't post any comments by anyone who puts forth an argument for harming "all men". I won't post comments that portray all men as one thing only. (Needless to say I won't post comments that portray women or trans people as one thing only.)

This is no longer a blog promoting harming people. It is a blog about empowering people to be free from oppression, and to hold oppressors accountable to what we do. It is a place to strategise, discuss, share, and support one another's work in challenging and working to radically transform or compost CRAP (Corporate Racist Atrocious Patriarchy) into something far more humane, just, Earth-friendly, non-genocidal, and non-gynocidal.

I want this to be a space where profeminism means understanding intersectionality of oppressions, and that most women are women of color. That for most of the world's women, sexual violence is not the only or primary means of harming or killing women: starvation, illness through unclean or poisoned water and land, and poverty are primary means of committing gynocide globally.

I may continue to keep a focus on sexual violence against women, because that is my background, what I have studied most and have heard from women about most. But I want the definition of "profeminism" to mean that one holds the radical view that there are many systems at work besides what is strictly called "patriarchy" that subordinate, injure, oppress, and kill women and girls. And this blog will never be one to discount or deny the harm to women and girls of patriarchal atrocities, practices, policies, laws, customs, values, and ways of being.

I hope that's clear.

Looking forward to the future at A.R.P.

Julian Real


  1. Hi Julian,

    I was about to get annoyed in regards to my last comment not being posted, then I read this. My cynical nature made me think I was wasting my time posting here (not that I take any credit whatsoever for the change in format), but damn, I am impressed.

    Thank you for making the decision to go forward in a positive and productive manner.

    Gordon (nmbr)

  2. Hey Gordon,

    I don't have any comments from you in my inbox that weren't posted. So I'm not sure what happened there.