Sunday, April 26, 2009

In-Fidelity: Corporate Capitalism = Genocide = White [Mostly Male] Supremacy

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with Fidelity's Albert R. Gamper, Jr.
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The following information on this Company is from here, and it took quite a while to find it online!
Fidelity Management & Research Company
OverviewBoard of DirectorsCommittees

Fidelity Management & Research Company INSIDERS ON BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Name (Connections) Relationships Title Age
Edward Johnson III, 45 Relationships, 78
Dennis Dirks, 39 Relationships, 59
Albert Gamper Jr., 107 Relationships, 66

Other Board Members on Board of Directors
Name (Connections) Relationships Primary Company Age
Abigail Johnson, 105 Relationships,Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Tracking Stock, 47
James Curvey, 38 Relationships Geerlings & Wade Inc., 72
Arthur Johnson, 44 Relationships Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems, Inc., 60
Alan Lacy, 45 Relationships Oak Hill Capital Partners, 54
Peter Lynch, 112 Relationships The Lynch Foundation, 64
Joseph Mauriello, 44 Relationships Arcadia Resources Inc., 63
David Thomas, 67 Relationships Sprint Nextel Corp., 58
Michael Wiley, 65 Relationships Bill Barrett Corp., 57
George Heilmeier, 40 Relationships Automatic Data Processing, Inc., 71
Marie Knowles, 151 Relationships McKesson Corp., 61
Ned Lautenbach, 153 Relationships Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Inc., 64
Cornelia Small, 62 Relationships Fidelity Advisor Growth & Income Fund, 63
William Stavropoulos, Ph.D. 157 Relationships, Hoechst Marion Roussel Inc., 70
Kenneth Wolfe, 57 Relationships Revlon, Inc., 67

The following Company information is from here.
Fidelity Management & Research Company
Company Overview

Fidelity Management & Research Company is an investment management firm that acts as the investment advisor to Fidelity's family of mutual funds. Its equity investment strategies include growth, growth and value, high yield, indexing, value, small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap, and market timing. Fidelity invests globally, specifically in the United States, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, and global emerging markets. The firm is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It operates as a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments.

82 Devonshire Street

Boston, MA 02109-3605

United States

Founded in 1946





Key Executives:
Mr. Rodger Alan Lawson
Age: 61

Mr. Joseph B. Hollis
Chief Financial Officer
Age: 59

Mr. Stephen P. Jonas
Executive Director

Mr. Richard C. Habermann
Senior Vice-President and Portfolio Manager

Mr. Robert von Rekowsky
Portfolio Manager
Age: 42

There should be LOTS of outrage, over this really stark display of intentional pro-genocidal policy.

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  1. I'm sorry for what ever happened to you to make you so angry. If that means that I have to apologies for my gender’s poor treatment of you then so be it. I would only ask that you try to remember that we are not all bad, in fact I would say more and more of us come to hate what others of us do simply because it makes it harder on the rest of us. A. Renner

  2. Hello, A. Renner,

    I am curious about why you would feel the need to write what you did.

    How does identifying corporate corruption, patriarchal atrocity, and various ways and means of committing genocide warrant a personal apology to me for wrongs done to me by my gender?

    I care very much about humanity and the non-human world. There is nothing in my writings that indicates otherwise, as far as I can tell.

    Since when does appropriate critique of injustice = hatred?

    Please point out the parts of my writing above that led you to write what you did.

    I await your reply.

  3. P.S.

    No single person can apologise for the wrongs of a whole group of people over millennia. (I don't look to a single German gentile to apologise to me or anyone else impacted negatively by the Nazi Holocaust, for example.)

    Besides, my issue is not what men have done or do to me; my radical critique and legitimate anger is about what men, as a political group, do to women without effectively confronting one another on the seriousness of the oppression and violence done by us to women.

    So I don't find an apology to me by you either necessary or appropriate here, but am touched by your sentiment and, again, welcome your reply.