Tuesday, October 14, 2008

White Christian Male Supremacy & John McCain: 3 Videos

Video #1:

Thank you, Irwin Tang, for this video and your book and other work.

I'm not so sure if John McCain used the n word he'd be disqualified to be president, however. Almost every one of our popularly elected presidents have been overtly hostile to people of color here and abroad, or covert supporters of terrorism against people of color, here and abroad. Genocide against American Indians continues to this day, at the hands of U.S. governmental policies, practices, and leadership, as does the economic and social subordination of African Americans, and also the sexualised degradation and terrorism of women of all colors.

Video #2:

"The White Christian Male Power Structure" is not a Womanist or feminist term: it's Bill O'Reilly's, shared above by John McCain--take note, antiWomanist, antifeminist, Christian whiteboys.

Video #3:

I didn't know Jesus was a pro-U.S. Christian Republican: wasn't he a Middle Eastern radical Jewish preacher reminding people that there is a power greater than the State government, and that State governmental power should not be obeyed or be in control of people's lives?

U.S. white Christians, among other white Christians, keep turning Jesus into a white non-Jew, even though his heritage and teachings were entirely Jewish and Middle Eastern. And these revisionist white Christians also keep implying that Jesus was a non-person born to a virgin who supplied no ovum, who was pro-corporate capitalism and pro-white male supremacy. Religious myths are important... to understand as such.

And white Christian male power is a force anyone who is against oppression, terrorism, and ecocide must contend with. The greatest terrorists are not "out there" in the hills of Pakistan. They are in power here, pale-faced and male, politically corrupted to the depths of their souls.

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