Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Male Supremacist's Strategies For Evading Accountability

A Top Ten list:

10. Rip into the questioner, challenging their right to even ask such a question, perhaps while also maligning them or making them out to be crazy.

9. Feign ignorance of the matter being addressed.

8. Tell the "accuser" that all men do what you do and that makes it OK; toss in the idiotic claim that men are always getting blamed for everything.

7. Keep watching TV or keep staring at your computer monitor. Goal: the questioner will get bored or annoyed and walk away.

6. Crack open another bottle of booze (wine, beer, or vodka will do), and then use drunkenness as your excuse for cracking "your beloved's" skull.

5. Pretend that you were taken over by some other force or influence--that the violence you did just wasn't you. Less elaborate version: Claim you just don't know what happened but you sure are sorry and won't do it again. Hope the listener doesn't notice the fact that your apologies and promises to do better don't have social meaning because you don't understand what you did or how you did it.

4. Blame a woman or "Women!": your mother, girlfriend, or daughter, for your violations and degradations of them.

3. Regardless of the race or ethnicity of the woman you are with: Pull up online, industry-produced pornography of a female human being and say "If you looked more like this [Photoshopped, incested, pimped, drugged, light-skinned woman], maybe I wouldn't [behave badly]". Variation: "If you'd only do what she does..."

2. Steer clear of pointing out the obvious, that you did what you did because: You could (you had the agency and power to do it); You had access to the person you harmed; You wanted to (you had the desire and will to do it); and You thought you could get away with it (because men usually do).

1. Claim that you did what you did, as an adult, because of something that happened to you in childhood.*

(*Never mind the lack of causality. Men use the concept of "causality" only when it suits us. Examples: childhood-specific abuse directly causes us to abuse others when we are all grown up; current daily pornography consumption doesn't influence and shape men's sexual mistreatment of women at all.)

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