Sunday, April 18, 2010

A JULIAN REALity Check: If You Currently Blame One or More Radical Feminists for Your Problems, Please Respond to theseTen Statements. Every one, honestly and truthfully.

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Heterosexual men organised and maintain control of every social institution you live in, and nothing they have created was done do to make radical feminists happy or content. In 99.9999% of cases, these het men don't know radical feminists, they don't or won't listen to radical feminists, they willfully ignore the activism of radical feminists, and refuse to comprehend the intellectual written work of radical feminists. Being oppressed means people impact your life who you didn't invite into it. If you even know about  any form of radical feminism, it's because you welcomed that knowledge into your life.

1. Given that variations of white and het male supremacist ideology and institutions have been imposed on you since day one, and on your parents before that, and on their parents before that, tell me, how many radical feminists were living then to regulate their society's standards and practices that are still in effect?

2. Het men determine the lives of human beings more than any other demographic, globally. In most of the West, white men determine the options from which citizens choose, with varying amounts of agency, the ones that make sense to them, or choose how to survive and endure the conditions in which people live and die. Consider all the decisions you have made in your life. What percent of those were controlled or forced upon you by radical feminists?

3. Radical feminists are so small in number relative to the general population, in any culture and country, that for you to blame THEM, is likely a way for you to displace your hostility that ought to be directly squarely at institutions anti- and non-feminist het men created and control. Which radical feminist has harmed you the most? Which non-feminist or anti-feminist has harmed you the most in your life, to date? Describe the harm to me, in each case.

4. If you think people like Andrea Dworkin control your sexuality, your sexual values, and your sexual practices more than corporate pimps and rapists-about-town, you are clueless about how sexuality is constructed in white and or het patriarchal societies. If you don't live in a white male and or het male supremacist society, and if you don't live in a culture impacted for centuries or in a society invaded and colonised by the ruling class members of white and/or het male supremacist societies, please let me know what society you live in.

5. What official, Federal or National laws govern, control, regulate, or direct your behaviors, and find out how many of them were crafted and made law by radical feminists. How many laws of those that impact your life were created by radical feminists? And if there are some laws that were drafted and passed into law by radical feminists, tell me how they harm you, specifically and how that harm is greater, by any measure, than the harm done to you by the profiteering pimps and ruling patriarchy-protectors who govern societies globally.

6. If you feel any anger or rage or hostility at all towards radical or revolutionary feminists or womanists, you are one damn privileged person, because the most oppressed people are being oppressed and killed by the actions of wealthy white het men, who regulate the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, Governments, Militaries, Police Forces, Insurance companies, Food Distribution systems, Water Distribution systems, and Medical Care Establishments, Educational Institutions, as well as who and what is taxed, at what rates. The people who do all this are among the world's wealthiest people. Radical feminists are not among that population, and please provide proof if you disagree with this.

7. How many of your past or present employers, bosses, supervisors, and those of your friends and family members who work for money are radical feminists compared to non-radical feminist women or men?

8. If you believe radical feminists "hate men", ask yourself how you feel about all the men who hate men, and please note: there are at least 10,000 times as many men who hate men as there are women who do. There are over one million times as many men who hate women as there are women who hate men. Most women who dislike and disrespect men are not radical feminists. And the men who hate men and who hate women have measurable power in societies that radical feminists don't. How many men do you know who have shown gross disrespect at several or many women? How many women do you know who have shown gross, assaultive disrespect at several or many men?

9. If you fight for the rights primarily of white men or het men, consider that your worldview and perceptions are grossly distorted by the amount of privilege you have that enables you to believe this is an appropriate and humane way to live your life. What is your definition or what are examples of "structural oppression" and "oppressive social institutions"?

10. If you believe radical feminists are the source of any problems you experience institutionally and systemically, do some research into who created and maintain those systems and institutions and get back to me on that. Who has committed state-sponsored or gross collective crimes against humanity, such as genocide, torture of political prisoners, destruction of land and human and non-human animal life, sadistic ritual sexual abuse, trafficking in human beings, sexual slavery, and rape? What are their names? Ask yourself: throughout your lifetime, how many murders have you known of, total. Please write down that figure. Now ask yourself, who committed those murders, including murders by police officers and military personnel? Tell me the percentage of murders committed by radical feminists compared to the percent committed by non-feminists, non-womanists, and anti-feminists.

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