Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Adolph Award for April goes to Jeffrey Russell Hall of the neo-Nazi Group "Reclaim the Southwest"

The Adolph Award this month goes to a white presumably het man by the name of Jeffrey Russell Hall. He is a regional director of a Detroit-based White Nationalist Group of white illegal aliens of Turtle Island. The fascist/racist group of white immigrants taking away all our jobs and spending our good tax dollars calls themselves "Reclaim The Southwest" which is a better name for an American Indian group than for the fascist white settlers who need to get out of town, city, and country and go back to some originally Caucasian-peopled land where they are presumably from. They sure as honky hell aren't from this land! (Story below, from the AP, but found *here*.)

Blood spilled, emotions stirred at LA Neo-Nazi rally

Blood spilled, emotions stirred at LA Neo-Nazi rally
An unidentified man is confronted by an anti-Nazi crowd during a white supremacist rally at Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday April 17,2010. Hundreds of counter-protestors carrying anti-Nazi signs have gathered in downtown Los Angeles where a white supremacist group is rallying. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A neo-Nazi white supremacist group rallied against illegal immigration in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday as hundreds of counter-protestors gathered to shout them down in a tense stand off that included thrown rocks and police in riot gear.

Police officers stood between the white supremacists and counter-demonstrators on the south lawn of Los Angeles' City Hall, where about 50 members of the National Socialist Movement waved American flags and swastika banners for about an hour.

The neo-Nazis shouted "sieg heil," but their words were mostly drowned out by chants of "racists go home" and "stop the Nazis" from the larger crowd of about 500 counter-protestors who held signs that read "Nazis: Get Out of Los Angeles" and "Racists Are Ignorant."

City Hall was selected for the Detroit-based group's "Reclaim The Southwest!" event because of Los Angeles' large population of immigrants -- some of whom are in the country illegally, regional director Jeffrey Russell Hall said.

The group was also responding to the recent flurry of street marches encouraging legislators to enact reform that includes amnesty for some illegal immigrants.

There was a brief flare-up of violence when a man removed his shirt revealing tattoos that featured Nazi lightning bolts, which some in the crowd deemed offensive.

Counter-protestor James Lafferty, executive director of the National Lawyers Guild, said he saw the tattooed man punched and kicked as a plainclothes officer dragged him behind police lines. Blood could be seen at the base of his neck, Lafferty said.

As the rally ended, counter-protestors hurled rocks, branches and other items over the police line toward the neo-Nazis.

No injuries were reported and it was unclear if any arrests were made, Police Officer Wendy Reyes said.
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