Monday, March 14, 2011

Listen to Women: Revolt against Nuclear Power: Go Solar and End Patriarchy

Women, especially, have been protesting against the use of nuclear power for decades, including in Japan. Alas, men won't listen to women, internationally. And I'm not talking about a single Chancellor or a Secretary of State, either. I'm speaking about listening to women who do not hold political office. I'm not talking about listening only to women and men with race and class privilege who promote concepts like "sex work" in societies where there is trafficking and sexual slavery and mass rape, all of which are required for "sex work" to happen at all. I'm speaking about the women who know what's happening to the most disenfranchised and assaulted women and girls on Earth because they ARE those disenfranchised and assaulted women. These women's voices may be heard by clicking to some of the blogs in my blog roll and by accessing the important web pages section, linked to on the right side of this page.

Patriarchal men, not because of biology, not because of hormones, not because of genetics, are incapable of producing humane civilisations. How much more evidence do you need, really? How many more wars? How many more systems of gross exploitation of girls and women? How many more men battering women and getting custody of their children if the women leave? How many more Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous women disappearing and being raped and killed but getting no media attention or collective outrage from the media and viewers? How much more racist-misogynist capitalism? How many more women have to be oppressed, subordinated, and enslaved to men before we collectively WAKE THE FUCK UP and stop patriarchal societies from ruling? Connect the dots of blood, the missing people, and the cancer tumors. Trust capitalist-patriarchs, and their apologists and defenders, as far as you can throw one.

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Nuclear Crisis in Japan Sparks Global Protests

The nuclear crisis in Japan touched off mass anti-nuclear protests across Europe this weekend. In Germany, some 50,000 protesters formed a 27-mile human chain from Germany’s Neckarwestheim nuclear power plant to the city of Stuttgart. German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently announced plans to extend the life of 17 German nuclear plants for an average 12 extra years. A large anti-nuclear protest was also held in France. Eva Joly is French member of the European Parliament.
Eva Joly: "The idea that it’s dangerous and that we can cope with it, that is finished today. And we know how to get out of the nuclear plants we need renewable energies, we need wind mills, we need geothermy and we need solar energy."
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