Monday, March 14, 2011

Adolph Hitler's lover, Eva Braun, dressed up as a Jewish white man dressed up as a non-Jewish Black man...

photo of A. Hitler and E. Braun is from here
The photograph above is not the one making the news. It appears to be a moment where ol' Adolph is catching a few zzzz's while not attending to his genocidal agenda to wipe Jews from Europe and beyond--if only there had been no Resistance. Who knew Adolph and Eva also had fun with anti-Black racist drag?

Quiz: How many forms of gross exploitation, sexual, ethnic, and racist insensitivity and inhumanity, and genocidal heinousness are wrapped up in this smallish news story?

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Photo of Adolf Hitler's lover Eva Braun dressed as black man emerges
Published: Friday, Mar 11, 2011, 14:23 IST
Place: London | Agency: ANI

A collection of photographs of Adolf Hitler's lover Eva Braun has surfaced, and in one of them she is featured with black make-up and dressed like a man.
The picture had been taken in 1937 when Braun was 25, and she had captioned the image "Me as Al Jolson". Jolson was a Jewish American star, the Sun reported.
The images had been found in 1945 at Hitler's Bavarian mountain retreat, the Berghof, but they lay forgotten in US archives until this week.
Other snaps show Hitler playing with the young daughter of one of Braun's pals, and messing about with her pet dogs.

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