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Radical Feminist Yanar Mohammed's Congratulatory Statement to the People of Egypt (in English)

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  ترجم الموضوع الى العربية
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باستخدام خدمة كوكول - الموقع غير مسؤول عن الترجمة

Our Earnest Congratulations to The Free People of Egypt

Yanar Mohammed

2011 / 2 / 13
For the first time, we write in joy and celebration of revolutionary victories, after decades of anguish and denunciation of tyrants, mass destruction, and wars that were imposed on us and the people of the region.

After three to four decades of oppression under state terrorism, overseas military hegemonic attacks, and internal religious wars, where people s sufferings were the fuel on which these tyrannies thrived; we finally witness a precedent of overwhelming victory. You have imposed the people s will to defeat and oust a tyrant and regime which had mastered the suppression of the masses, and the confiscation of their freedoms and resources.

Our earnest congratulations go to you, who have victoriously defeated the despots without a bullet shot, no explosions, physical violations, or conspiracies, where your sole weapon was the determination to defeat and change the system. You succeeded in mobilizing ten million angry protestors into a gigantic peaceful demonstration which roared fear so loud into the hearts of the despots in Egypt, the Arab world, and all international bands which support them against the people. Lastly, you proved that the people s will power can defeat the awe and oppression which was built with billions of dollars of foreign aid.

How can the US government justify to the American people that they took their money for 30 years in order to support the Egyptian despot against his people. Those who claim to be heroes of American democracy seem to have no shame in revealing the reality of being long-time supporters of dictators around the world. They make it clear that a capitalist and imperialist rule has no shame or claim of democracy, but only follows the rule of the jungle, applying it locally and internationally, whenever and wherever possible, with their own hands or at the hands of their affiliate dictators. Hopefully, the glorious Egyptian revolution encourages the American people to follow in the same footsteps to rebel against their rulers, oust them and their inhumane regimes which have caused mass-killings around the world … or is too much to expect within a so-called western democracy which has bluffed the world into the myth that the time of revolutions was over.

To the youth, women, and working class heroes of the Egyptian Revolution, we sincerely wish that your demands be realized, whether of a civil non-military government, the total repeal of emergency law, and the change of the system. You have an historic opportunity on your hands of building a totally new political system which will not allow riches for the rulers and hunger for the people, and may secure an equal share for all in the resources of the society, if you further it into a socialist egalitarian system that nurtures all into better lives, which we wish for ourselves in Iraq and for the whole world. Furthermore, and as your revolution is still young, we still worry that the exploiters might find their way to maintain the corrupt system, while exaggerating the importance of a mere change of names and faces.

Whilst the whole world rejoices at the tyrant s stepping down, it was clear that his last cruel and idiotic speech put the last straw on decades of humiliation. With expressions which fueled the extreme anger of rebelling millions, the youth did not delay their response with a most eloquent position of thousands of shoes pointed at him and all the dictators of the region who dare to exploit, suppress and humiliate the masses.

From the revolutionary heroes in Egypt, we learn lessons of unprecedented mobilization of the whole population into a struggle for freedom. We anticipate hearing your great news about taking matters into your own hands, constituting your own revolutionary councils to lead a new era of freedom and equality, without leaving it in the hands of the military, indifferent technocrats, or self-claimed democrats.

Long live the February 11 Revolution

Long live the free people of Egypt

Yanar Mohammed
President of Organization of Women s Freedom in Iraq
February 12, 2011

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